Racing cars

What do you think was the most beautiful racing car?

“The most beautiful F1 cars of all time” is the title of a recent article published on the Goodwood Road & Racing website.

Author Ben Miles admitted that beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder, then shared nine F1 cars – and in no particular order – that made Goodwood’s list.

I’ll share that list in a moment, but history made me think that’s the beauty of a race car in its design, in its livery, or as I suspect Enzo Ferrari might put it, in its overcoming of the line under the checkered flag in front of its competitors.

I would say a car can be beautiful in its appearance and/or its design, but in competition, isn’t its true beauty in its success on the track?

Personally, over the years I’ve been more sensitive to Indy cars than F1 cars, and I can think of several Indy cars that I found to be good looking that failed to make it around the Brickyard high speed.

Just a few examples: Mickey Thompson’s 1964 Sears-Allstate Specials with their semi-closed front and rear fenders. Or in 1964, when Smokey Yunick showed up with his “capsule car” which could be considered beautiful, well, at least from a technical point of view.

But back to this list from Goodwood: the Jordan 191 in 7Up livery, the Shadow DN7, the Canon-Camel Williams FW14B, the Ligier JS/11, the McLaren MP4-20 and MP4/14, the John Player Special Lotus 72, the Gurney Eagle T1G and the Ferrari 641.

Feel free to use the Comments section below to share some race cars that you consider particularly beautiful, or even particularly ugly.