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United Arab Emirates: a domestic helper sells 3 luxury cars rented to an employer for 1.65 million dirhams – News

The accused is tried for forgery in writing.

A domestic helper of Asian origin is tried before the Ras Al Khaimah Criminal Court (RAK) for having sold to her employer three luxury rental cars such as Bentley, Lamborghini and McLaren for 1,650,000 Dh.

The employer is also of Asian origin.

The accused worked as a domestic helper for the employer, who filed a complaint that he initially bought the defendant’s car and later realized that it was owned by a car rental company.

Lawyers for the defendant Salem Ahmed Al Kit and Mahmoud Hanafi said the court heard the case on Monday and the next hearing would be on September 12.

Al Kait said he begged the court to release his client because the documents attributed to him were forged.

He also cited discrepancies in the accusations brought by the plaintiff, such as the defendant sold him expensive cars which later turned out to be owned by a car rental company while he worked as a domestic helper for him for three month.

He further argued that the Respondent’s income did not even allow him to purchase tires for “any of these three vehicles”.

He also sought to ascertain the source of the money that the complainant had paid to the respondent.

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