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Tycoon’s son makes videos with his fancy cars

a Pablo Perez Company The passion for cars entered his genes: while his older brother Louis knew he was a number both in the World Rally Championship and at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans; His father Gregorio, one of the richest businessmen in the world, is a staunch fanatic and is the owner of the country’s unique collection of classics.

Pablo then not only followed suit, but also imposed on his passion the records and customs of the time: since he no longer practices competition as a professional pilot, he cultivates much more than a low profile. Far away, he devotes his time to sharing. activity with Sports gems from his impressive garage via social media.

One of the last videos, with the Ford GT Liquid Carbon.

More from Miami. behalf wolf teamAs he called his company, Pablo began uploading content to his YouTube channel in February and each new video is a surprise: the latest super sports cars mingle with the racing wonders of decades past and plenty of American muscle . The cars share the stage with other high performance Europeans.

The garage of Squadra Lupo, Perez Companca

Pablo shared his exclusive cars on YouTube.

Per case, One of the latest beasts he’s taken to YouTube is his Ford GT Liquid Carbon, an entirely hand-built sports car, Manufactured in Canada by the Oval brand and of which only 20 copies were built. “A class. He has nothing to envy to Pagani”, he assured in his analysis of about 12 minutes. “Of all the ones I’ve used on the track and the ones that are approved for road driving, this is what a race car looks like,” he said.

Peter Solberg’s Subaru Impreza and ex-Freddie Loix’s Toyota WRC.

It’s no less: for this launch, Ford used carbon fiber to build the bodywork and relied on a 3.5 EcoBoost V6 engine that develops 660 horsepower and 746 Nm of torque. On this animal, Pablo recorded one of his last videos.

they are usually recurring Commentary by Pablo Pérez Companc on the masterpieces of Horacio Pagani, the creator of Casilda who conquered Europe. And that’s because he knows them so well: among the highlights of his collection are a Pagani Zonda Revolucine and a Pagani Huayra BC, which he considers so important that they take center stage in this sprawling luxury garage where Squadra Lupo operates.

The Pagani Zonda and Huayra take center stage.

The Pagani Zonda and Huayra take center stage.

The rest of the typical examples that surround them are no less interesting: wherever you look you will find something to highlight from a karting that Pagani himself gave you to racing cars of the most diverse categories, in particular the 80s. And since the 90s, considers Pablo Golden for motorsport at that time.

A Ford GT stands out among the beasts.

A Ford GT stands out among the beasts.

Thus, in place – and gradually also on the network – flagships such as the Subaru Impreza STI 22B, the Renault 5 Turbo or the Ford RS200, as well as North American IndyCar single-seaters or rally beasts. at hand The Toyota Corolla that Carlos Sainz knew how to drive and the Lancia Delta that rally champion Mickey Bison raced in.

He appears in competitions with some of them –Victory of the Ford RS200 at the last Miami Concourse, For example, it is well documented in its location on YouTube – and then it naturally intensifies its care, but all the specimens on display maintain a remarkable level of preservation.

Ford Rs200, an award-winning gem.

Ford RS200, an award-winning gem.

And this is where Perez Companc makes the difference: according to his definition, Their cars have not been restored, but have been preserved., “It’s our specialty”, comments the businessman. “We keep the car as it leaves the factory, and if a part breaks, we try to find an original one; If that’s not possible, we fix what we have,” he explained.

In March 2007, Pablo Pérez Companc had a horrific accident while running in Homestead, a distance of 100 miles from Miami. Although he got his revenge and raced there again eight years later, the episode in which he nearly lost his game ended his playing career. “Running is a passion that runs in my blood like my old man,” Pablo often says.

This passion is represented today by the jewels (her children, as she calls them) that she wears in Squadra Lupo. And that he shares more and more often with his followers on YouTube.

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