Luxury cars

Thieves target luxury cars in southwest Miami-Dade – NBC 6 South Florida

Police are hoping to curb a group of burglars targeting luxury cars in the southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood.

Surveillance video from the Siddons’ front yard shows a case where the burglars drove away with a high-end vehicle in the middle of the day.

“They were very quick,” said Luciana Fragali Siddons.

It was around 4pm on a Saturday and while the Siddons family were hosting a barbecue in their garden, the theft happened in their front yard. They didn’t realize what was happening until one of their guests came out to get a jacket from his car.

“She comes back into the house and says, ‘My car was stolen,'” Siddons said.

Alpha Romeo SUV was stolen – Siddons says her friend’s car was unlocked. The thieves also fled with cash and a wallet from two other cars parked in the driveway.

“My biggest concern is whether when my friend came to pick up her jacket, was she actually doing it? What would they do? Are they armed? That’s my biggest concern,” Siddons said. “What if my kids went out to the vault to get something they forgot?”

In nearby Coral Gables, three days after the Siddons were robbed on January 15, surveillance video shows a man jumping over a door to try and steal a Porsche, there was no key fob at the door. inside.

“So they’re jumping walls now, which they didn’t do before. Scarier,” Siddons said.

Siddons posted his surveillance video on a neighborhood watch app and says he received dozens of messages from people in the Ponce Davis area and surrounding neighborhoods about similar burglaries this month.

“I had a reaction from my neighbors that I did not expect. And we are trying to come together and find a solution to avoid this incident,” Siddons said.

Coral Gables police are urging people to lock their cars. It is said that with luxury cars in particular, thieves look at the mirrors to see if a car is locked or not.