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These surprisingly inexpensive cars will wow everyone

Today, it seems difficult to stay one step ahead of the Joneses. The cost of living is higher than ever. Cars are sold more than ever. There is a silver lining though. Because there are so many manufacturers and consumers, there is a subset of amazing cars that can be bought for pennies. These cars will make you look special no matter where you are going or what you are doing.

Some are historical works of art that inspired greatness. Others wear badges that scream excessively and luxury wherever they go. All of them are special enough to impress even the automotive illiterate. Some are also quick and devious. Take a look at our list of 15 cars that will wow everyone for pennies and let us know if we missed your favorite.

Toyota WILL

This wacky little car is a Toyota Sera. They are inexpensive and they are very special. Notice those McLaren-esque doors? Well, you might have to start calling out McLaren Sera-esque doors because they were inspired by this little car. Interestingly, they aren’t symmetrical either.

Porsche Cayman

2005 Porsche Cayman S in Dark Blue

via Autoevolution

Every time you ride in a Porsche it’s a good day. The Boxster is generally a bit cheaper and that’s why I think the Cayman is the right choice. It’s fast, it’s functional and it’s a very capable sports car in every way.

Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG

Via Daily Turismo

The S55 is the forgotten bedrock of the S-Class. These things are powered by a 479 horsepower V8 that can pull trees out of the ground. They are also incredibly comfortable and thanks to this star on the front, grab people’s attention wherever they go.

Audi RS6


Audi only sold the RS6 for a year here in the United States. During this time he has developed a huge cult and eventually he returns. It achieved this because of the monstrous twin-turbo V8 under the hood and the subtle cues that make it special. Many have also passed the 200,000 mile mark.

Chevrolet Corvette

Via – Motor1

I’ve said it before, but the C5 Corvette Z06 is the best performance deal in the world right now. 400 horsepower and a super light chassis make them a sure winner on any autocross or road course, and they’re so easy to maintain. Corvettes attract attention because they demand it. This Z06 is no different.

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Jaguar XJR

via Jaguar forums

Luxury comes in many forms, but the XJR seems to be pouring luxury out of its ears. The whole body is so majestic. It can be easy to forget that it was a direct competitor to the E55 AMG and BME M5 of the time. This means it’s pretty darn quick to go with these stunning looks.

Fiat Spider

via Bring a Trailer

Old fashioned cool is exactly what you get with the Fiat 124 Spider. They can be hard to find in good shape, but when you find them they are so fun to drive. Unlike most domestic convertibles of the day, these were small and nimble. They also have a great appearance that everyone will appreciate.

Porsche Cayenne

via Youtube

Porsche knew what they were doing when they brought out the Cayenne. Today, everyone knows that SUV sales are booming and the Cayenne is only stoking that fire. Even the slowest are pretty fast, and they’ve depreciated like 2-week-old milk. That doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing though.

Austin Healy Sprite


Want a convertible like the 124 but prefer it to be British? Here’s a great way to make it happen. The Austin Healy Sprite comes in a ton of flavors and variations. Most of them can be purchased in good condition for $ 10,000 or less. They capture attention without being too flashy and will make you look like a millionaire wherever you go.

Saab Sonnet


via pinterest

Tons of people have forgotten everything about the Sonnet. That’s mainly because it wasn’t such a great car in all honesty. He was undernourished and front-wheel drive. What he had was style. Saab intended to emulate the Italian cars of the time and it does it very well. The point here is to attract attention and the Sonnet does just that.

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Mercedes-Benz 450SL


I’m telling you, get started on this one right away. The 450SL is cheaper now than it will ever be again. Look for one that is rust free and has a decent maintenance history and you will thank me later. It’s such a beautiful Mercedes and can be made even better with a few small tweaks like changing the bumpers.

1965 Ford Mustang

via the WeiLi automotive network

You won’t find a fastback version for under $ 10,000, but the coupes are there if you’re looking. There’s no denying the place the early Mustangs have in history and even I wouldn’t turn down a good deal on any of them if it did happen. They are works of art in motion.

Bricklin SV-1

bricklin modified orange

Via Pinterest

Oh, what could have been if Bricklin had managed to make a decent sports car. This thing was apparently doomed from the start, but that didn’t stop them from building something really unique or cool. Imagine all the attention you can get in something that does this when you open everything up.

Bentley Turbo R


There is no doubt that wherever you drive a Bentley people will notice it. Even those models without the “Flying B” sport that very recognizable grille and above all, the ultra-luxurious interior. The emotions this car can cause are unlike any other on this list.

Hummer H1

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a hummer

via pinterest

I know it might sound wild, but these things can be found for under $ 20,000 today. No, it won’t be the super nice H1 Alpha but that’s not the point. You could have the worst Hummer H1 and still get a lot of attention. They are just cool. I mean they have to be if the Governor has this one.

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