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These cheap cars will make you feel like you’re in a Rolls Royce

The more you’re willing to pay for a car, that’s the value you’ll get from it, isn’t it? Or is it really the case? Good cars do cost money and the best are worth a fortune, but it’s not every time that you have to pay more for a feeling of luxury.

Competition in the automotive industry is tough. As such, automakers strive to fight and outbid the competition to gain more market share. This means that they have stepped up production of good cars that are not too expensive for the average buyer.

Maybe the average buyer can have a feeling of luxury after all. With that in mind, this list features cars under $ 30,000 with the most feature-rich and premium interiors at their price point and above. In fact, they are so good that in one of these cars you will almost feel like you are in a Rolls Royce.

2020 Hyundai Santa FE: $ 26,750

The 2020 Santa Fe has been rated one of the Top Safety Plus Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Hyundai has certainly improved with its 2020 Santa FE model. It’s a cheap car with lots of quality materials and a luxury interior feel. Standard interior features include an easy-to-use 7-inch infotainment display interface, four USB ports, Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay, and preferably Android Auto.

Via: TrueCar

It has a spacious cabin with spacious seats and a super quiet cabin thanks to its sound padding. The interior of this car would comfortably compete with luxury cars outside of its class, not to mention the other driver assistance features found in luxury cars.

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2020 Honda Insight: $ 22,930

Via: The car connection

As Honda explains, “When style meets common sense, you’ll get the Honda Insight with a premium look at an attractive price. And it turns out it’s a hybrid! Honda claims the Insight was thoughtfully designed, and when you see the interior, you can’t help but agree.

Via: Everett Herald

With its spacious seats and sleek leather trims, it’s as good as they come for the price. Do you want a comfortable car that offers premium features with a luxury feel on the cheap? The 2020 Honda Insight is your vehicle.

2020 Volkswagen Golf: $ 23,195

Via: SlashGear

It’s not news that German automakers make world-class cars and have stylish cars from their auto brands, but the 2020 Volkswagen Golf puts a mark on that statement with its interior. Affordable and with a premium interior, it rivals cheap luxury cars. With a large cargo area, a quiet and comfortable premium cabin and a host of advanced safety features, the Volkswagen Golf is not your usual compact car.

Via: Techmobile NG

Standard features also include a start button, USB port, Wi-Fi hotspot, Car-Net navigation, proximity keyless access, panoramic sunroof, manual climate control and a 6-inch touchscreen. 5-inch that incorporates a capacitive touch sensor and a proximity sensor that’s supposed to automatically invoke a more user-friendly layout when approaching with one hand, it’s now Rolls Royce’s territory.

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2020 Hyundai Sonata: $ 24,020

2020 Hyundai Sonata Red

via: GuideAuto

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata model speaks for itself. The midsize sedan segment is indeed more competitive than ever, but a car like the 2020 Hyundai Sonata would be on anyone’s sedan list. Hyundai has certainly come a long way with the 2020 Sonata, and it is by far the best Sonata yet.

Via: Motors Actu

Revealing a sleek and contemporary interior, trendy spacious seats typical of Hyundai and plenty of driver assistance features at low cost. The cabin of the 2020 Sonata exceeds its price with more luxury than its asking price suggests. It is a car that easily combines technology and practicality.

2020 Honda Civic: $ 20,650

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Touring

The Civic said it has good fuel economy compared to the competition, but a peek inside would reveal it’s more than just a car with good fuel mileage for the highway. As well as being one of the best-selling and best-packed compact cars available, it offers one of the most comfortable and sophisticated interiors in the segment.

Via: Château Honda

The Civic also offers exclusive features found mostly in premium cars, such as high-quality materials throughout the cabin, heated front and rear seats, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The Civic outperforms other compact cars with its quality interior and modern design, and offers leather seats and leather accents at a number of prices.

2020 Toyota Camry: $ 24,425


Toyota was right in labeling the 2020 Camry Hybrid’s “peace of mind”. The car isn’t just classic on the outside, it’s great on the inside as well. The 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid is a testament to Toyota’s resilience and shows why Toyota continually outperforms its competitors in terms of quality and reliability.


It presents an interior with materials of superior quality to the competition thanks to its high-end spacious seats and the general quality of the cabin. Depending on the trim level, the 2020 Camry comes with red leather-trimmed seats with contrast stitching, an easy-to-use 80-inch touchscreen, paddle shifters and a beautiful panoramic roof. It is also equipped with safety features such as pre-collision system and lane departure warning.

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Hyundai Veloster N: $ 27,820

Courtesy Autoblog

Hyundai’s quest to provide inexpensive cars with a luxurious feel is clearly on track, evident in the Veloster N. The automaker has proven to be a master at creating a luxury cabin from materials. cheap; maybe even the best. The Veloster is an affordable compact car with an interior that rivals luxury brands. Hyundai delivers a memorable cabin feel with the 2020 Veloster that showcases solid craftsmanship.

Via: Autodius

Considering its decent quality materials and nice cabin, this is a reasonably priced small sedan. The base Veloster model comes standard with a 7.0-inch display screen, Bluetooth connectivity for easy hands-free phone calls, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless device integration.

2020 Honda Accord LX 1.5T: $ 24,770

Via: Hendrick Chevrolet Buick GMC Southpoint

As Honda describes it, “Modern engineering at its best, the Accord LX 1.5T pulls the executive sedan look well. The 2020 Honda Accord LX 1.5T has a very premium interior made from high quality materials with excellent workmanship and a premium feel.

Via: TrueCar

It comes with a standard 7-inch infotainment screen, start button, USB port, Bluetooth, dual-zone automatic climate control and cruise control. Sport models even have a leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob and sport pedals. If you mistake it for a Rolls Royce while you’re inside, no one will blame you.

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Mazda 6: $ 24,100


The Mazda 6 sedan has a base price of $ 24,000, but it’s no slouch in the quality department. Look past its sleek appearance and you will see that it has a quality interior as well. Mazda is known for its good cars and the Mazda 6 has one of the best interiors in the automaker’s lineup, ranking among the best midsize cars for its interior and premium performance.

The leather-riddled interior of the Mazda 6

Via: Inside Mazda

With a sophisticated and premium design, it has a suave interior that comes standard with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear selector, soft-touch surfaces and comfortable seats. It also comes standard with HD Radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, a moonroof and an 8-inch touchscreen Mazda Connect infotainment system that only functions as a touchscreen when the car is at rest. and as a rotary knob mounted on the console while in motion. Talk about a Rolls Royce sensation.

2020 Hyundai Tucson: $ 24,445

We’ve established that Hyundai persists in offering great cars with a luxury feel on the cheap, and the Tucson is another offering to prove it. Besides its beautiful curves, its high-end features make it one of the best in the compact crossover segment. It has a liberal but attractive exterior, but the interior is where the Tucson really shines.

Via: Autoblog

The Tucson comes standard with plenty of features and emphasizes comfort and contemporary style. It offers supportive seating with an ergonomic layout and an infotainment touchscreen that integrates with the dashboard and the rest of the cabin.

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