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These are the most luxurious interiors of cheap cars

Let’s be honest – everyone loves a nice and luxurious car interior. And no matter how practical and utility drivers try to convince you otherwise, the interior of the car is more than good ergonomics and Bluetooth connectivity. After all, this is where you spend most of your time in the car.

Yes, performance, reliability and other factors are also of crucial importance in a vehicle. But haven’t we all thought at least once of throwing all those trivial, earthly things out the window and focusing on pure luxury? Of course, you would feel good about buying a car that will save you a lot of money on gasoline and repairs. But do you know what will make you feel even better? Enter the world of polished wood, supple leather and blissful silence as soon as you open your car door.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to be a crazy rich man to afford this luxury. If you walk around the used car market, you will find a lot of luxury cars that are not as expensive as new. In this article, we have compiled some of these wonderful vehicles.

Volkswagen Phaeton 2003

interior vw phaeton


As you probably remember, the Phaeton was Volkswagen’s attempt to create an understated full-size luxury sedan. And that already sounds like a paradox – a luxury sedan from VW? But it really had all the credentials – from patchy reliability and mechanical complexity to the handsome, lavish, handcrafted interior.

And they’ve got the inside just right – it’s not overdone or flashy, and can even look a little too subtle. But the build quality, materials and sheer level of comfort make up for it. Depreciation has taken its toll on the Phaeton, and these days you can find one for under $ 10,000.

1989 Lexus LS400

interior lexus ls400


The LS400 was Lexus’ first model – and unlike the Phaeton, it was very successful. Released in 1989, it was supposed to compete with the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7-Series – for a lot less money. And while the interior of the LS400 may not have been on the same level as the Germans, it was still an extremely quiet, well-built, and generally pleasant place. The best thing about these old school sedans – they were built to last, and there are plenty of them on the used market today for under $ 5,000.

1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W140)

mercedes w140 interior


Let’s say Lexus isn’t your cup of tea – you don’t want the rival in the making, you want the original. If so, look no further than the Mercedes S-Class W140. The W140 was not only one of the most technologically advanced cars of its time, it was also one of the most luxurious. In true German fashion, the interior is rugged, quiet and incredibly stylish. And with $ 10,000 in your pocket, you can find a surprisingly well-preserved example.

1994 Jaguar XJ (X300)

interior jaguar xj 1994


Nothing screams “old-fashioned British luxury” more than a ’90s Jaguar XJ. Who cares if it’s outdated, unreliable and poorly built if the interior looks like a living room on wheels from the era? victorian? Owning one of these old Jags is your best chance to get a taste of the lifestyle of British aristocrats. And for less than $ 7,000, it’s definitely worth it.

2003 Maserati Quattroporte

2003 Maserati Quattroporte interior


The Maserati Quattroporte is surely infamous for its unreliability and poor construction. But if you ask us, one area where it isn’t getting enough credit is indoors. It’s a true definition of Italian luxury with the highest quality embossed and hand-stitched leather, metric tons of wood and the iconic analog clock in the middle of the instrument panel. At around $ 10,000, that’s great value – if you can keep up with the maintenance, of course.

1994 BMW 7 Series (E38)

Interior of the BMW 7 Series (E38) 1994


The E38 7 series was the sportier and sharper counterpart of the S-Class W140 – both in terms of performance and style. And while the interior of the 7 Series is more minimalist and driver-focused, it is still incredibly luxurious with the best materials and the latest technology of the time. You can easily find one of these Autobahn cruisers for as little as five thousand these days – just make sure you get one with the car phone mounted in the center armrest for that extra ’90s luxury feel. .

1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur interior


The Rolls-Royce Silver Spur comes from the days when automotive luxury was not defined by technology or features, but by quality and reliability. And if the interior of the Jaguar XJ was a Victorian-era living room, the Silver Spur is Buckingham Palace. The finest woodwork and Connolly leather stretch as far as the eye can see, but it’s those sheepskin floor mats that will always remind you that you’re driving a different kind of car. And with depreciation, all that luxury can be yours for around $ 15,000.

2003 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne interior


The first-generation Cayenne has never been particularly popular in the automotive community. Not only because it was blasphemy for Porsche to make an SUV – it was increasingly blasphemy for them to build it on the VW Touareg platform. Still, it’s a Porsche – and you can easily tell from inside the cabin, where exceptional build quality and ergonomics come together with luxurious finishes and materials. Cayennes are plentiful and inexpensive in the used market – finding a decent copy for under $ 10,000 shouldn’t be a problem.

1986 Cadillac Brougham

1986 Cadillac Brougham interior


If your taste for automotive luxury gravitates more towards American cars, you should look no further than the Cadillac Brougham. The plush sofas trimmed in leather or velor (we wouldn’t dare call them seats) and the upright wooden dashboard are a true throwback to the golden days of American automotive luxury. $ 13,000 is a small price to pay for time travel.

2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W211)

Interior of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W211)


Want to see what the real German luxury car looks like, but would at least prefer a car from this century? The W211 Mercedes E-Class is the best example. In the early 2000s, when the W211 was released, the interior was incredibly high-tech and advanced, while still maintaining the same level of luxury and quality that Mercedes is known for. The W211 was a very popular car at the time, so buying one for around $ 5,000 and more importantly maintaining it shouldn’t be a problem.

2003 Land Rover Range Rover

Range Rover Interior (L322)


We can only hope that you are not tired of comparing us British car interiors to living spaces. Because there is no better comparison to the interior of the Range Rover from the early 2000s than a hunting lodge. Practical and robust, but refined and comfortable. The thick leather of the captain’s seats will last for decades and the vertical wood-trimmed dashboard really makes you feel in control. Not a bad way to spend $ 5,000, if you ask us.

2006 Volvo S80

Volvo S80 interior


The Volvo S80 is a radically different take on luxury from other cars on this list. It is decidedly Scandinavian – light, subtle and minimalist, but of an incredibly high quality. Our favorite detail is the floating center console and the wood-trimmed steering wheel. The prices for these fancy Swedish sedans are quite modest – a nice, well-equipped example can be found for around $ 8,000.

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2002 Audi A8

Audi A8 2002 interior


The Audi A8 has always been a sort of compromise between the comfort-oriented S-Class and the performance-oriented 7 Series. The A8 combines the best of both worlds – especially with the opulent, well-built, but modern interior. If it’s good enough for Angela Merkel, it’s good enough for you – especially for $ 10,000.

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1998 Lincoln Town Car

1998 Lincoln Town Car interior


Yet another statement to old American luxury, the Lincoln Town Car has been a staple of corporate fleets for decades. Its interior might not be as polished as in some of the other cars on this list, but the level of comfort on the road is insane. This is due to the old-fashioned frame-body design that full-size American sedans have used for decades. The Town Car was the last of them – and despite this impressive heritage, you can still get a used one for around $ 2,000.

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Hyundai Equus 2009

Interior Hyundai Equus 2009


Yes, we know what you are wondering right now. When did Hyundai make a full-size luxury sedan? Oh, but they did – and even sold in the USA. Except it didn’t really sell at all. It’s a shame – because the Equus wasn’t exactly a bad car. It combined the dimensions and luxury features of a full-size luxury car with the price of a mid-size car. If you have $ 10,000 to spend on a car with a luxurious interior, just get an Equus and ignore all the naysayers.

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