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These are the best entry-level luxury cars you can buy right now

Luxury sedans are more and more common on the road, as manufacturers tend to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Gone are the days when you can only dream of owning a true luxury vehicle, as this list has a few options for those who want to get a bit of style and comfort with their hard-earned cash.

There are options for those who want a smooth ride, plenty of space, great build quality, and even a little bit of speed. Below are some great all-round luxury vehicles and some of the best entry-level options on the market today.

Infiniti Q50


source: Infiniti News

The Infiniti Q50 is a great choice for those looking to make their first foray into luxury vehicle ownership. With a sleek executive look, powerful engine options, and a low price tag, there’s almost nothing to dislike about the Q50.


source: Infiniti News

It certainly looks a lot more expensive than it actually is with chrome accents and a luxury interior, you could be forgiven for thinking it costs double the asking price. The engines available are two twin-turbo V6s of 300 and 400 hp respectively. The smooth, comfortable ride is perhaps the Q50’s best feature, making it a great choice at just over $ 37,000.

Genesis G70


source: Genesis Media

Genesis isn’t quite the biggest name in the luxury car industry, but that leaves the G70 somewhat underrated, especially considering the retail price.


source: Genesis Media

Again, the appearance of the G70 is downright remarkable with a more than luxurious Bentley-style grille and plenty of chrome detailing and vents, making it a thoughtful men’s Mercedes-Benz. Its reliability and the choice of two engines ranging from the 2.0-liter inline-four to the 3.3-liter V6 make it a formidable choice as a luxury vehicle. At the very least, it will trick your friends into thinking it costs a lot more than the asking price of $ 37,000.

BMW 3 Series


source: BMW Group

BMW is one of the greats when it comes to making high quality luxury sports cars and one of the best in the lineup comes in the form of the BMW 3 Series.


source: BMW Group

This long-standing line of cars delivers sporty power and handling while maintaining the high-quality build expected from this veteran builder. If you are looking for a car that can do it all, there is no point looking any further. All-new BMW 3 Series models start at just over $ 41,000 and for an additional $ 1,000 you can even get the 330i equivalent as an electric vehicle.

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Jaguar XF


source: Jaguar Media

Jaguar is a manufacturer that just doesn’t make bad or cheap cars. The legendary British brand nevertheless manages to incorporate an incredible level of quality into a car costing less than $ 44,000.


source: Jaguar Media

The XF has an exquisitely designed interior and a sleek exterior, but the low asking price leaves us wondering why this is such a bargain. Sure, it doesn’t have the power of some of the other cars on this list, but no one will care once you see the level of detail inside with a plethora of driver assistance features and technology so that even cars at twice the price look lower. If quality and construction are top priority, the XF is a given.

Lexus IS


source: Lexus Newsroom

When it comes to attention to detail, not much comes close to Lexus with superior levels of build quality and value for money. The IS series is a model that can compete with even higher specification BMW and Mercedes vehicles, making it a great deal.


source: Lexus Newsroom

The sporting styling of the IS is aggressive and puts many of its German rivals to shame. The high-quality interior is more excellent, with a variety of technological options to make the cabin very welcoming. Perhaps the IS’s biggest selling point is that for around $ 4,000 more you can get the top-of-the-line IS 350 F Sport for $ 42,950. Keep in mind that it’s barely more expensive than the 3 Series and even slightly cheaper than the XF with a 311bhp V6 that’s sure to get you excited. If you are looking for a bit of speed with your luxury, the IS may be the best choice.

Mercedes Class A


source: Daimler Global Media

Mercedes are masters of luxury vehicle manufacturing and are the most obvious choice when it comes to choosing a luxury sedan or even a luxury SUV.


source: Daimler Global Media

This rich history means that even their low-end models get luxury treatment. The A-Class sedan features a high-quality, sporty-looking interior with more than enough technology options for an enjoyable experience. The smooth ride and overall high quality make the A-Class just look like a smaller Mercedes than the more expensive options, rather than a lower model. At just over $ 33,000, the Mercedes is surprisingly one of the cheapest cars on this list despite the badge on the front.

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Maserati Ghibli


source: Maserati Media

One of the hallmarks of Italian styling, the aggressive sporty styling of the Maserati Ghibli makes it a luxury vehicle with a bit of edge.


source: Maserati Media

It’s definitely one of the more expensive vehicles on this list, but when it comes to value, there’s not much to say that the Maserati isn’t worth the money. The 345bhp V6 looks exceptional and offers perhaps the best performance on this list. The high-quality leather interior guarantees occupants great comfort. The large infotainment display and safety features make the Maserati one of the most technologically advanced on the list, even with its own phone app. Overall, the Ghibli does almost nothing wrong.

Cadillac CT4


source: Cadillac Newsroom

Champions of the great American cruiser, Cadillac has worked hard to improve its already popular formula for its sedan line.


source: Cadillac Newsroom

The CT4 is much more refined than previous models, both inside and out, which helps give Europeans a run for their money. Of course, it is not hungry in the power sector either with a particularly powerful 2.7-liter in-line four-cylinder engine with 307 hp. Expect a smooth ride and plenty of storage space if you go for the CT4 with cool and sleek styling on the outside. The Cadillac is overall quality and best of all, it costs around $ 34,000.

Audi Q3


source: Audi Media Center

The Q3 is the perfect option for those who need a little extra space or for those who plan to venture off-road.


source: Audi Media Center

As an SUV, the Q3 performs as well on the road as it does off with plenty of cargo space, making it perfect for luxury-conscious families. Audi’s high-quality technology and interior make it one of the best cars to live with on this list, despite being the baby of the Q-series. The Q3 is available for around $ 34,000.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia


source: Stellantis Media

The Alfa Giulia is really stylish in machine form. It is often considered one of the best looking cars, not only in the luxury sedan category, but among all the cars on the road today.


source: Stellantis Media

But there is substance to this style too with a turbocharged 280 hp engine, available in RWD and AWD, and a modern, high-tech interior with unmistakable Italian flair. The Giulia offers a range of safety options, making it a great all-rounder at just $ 41,000.

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