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Telstra joins the race to bring flying electric cars to the masses

Telstra Purple has partnered with Airspeeder to help accelerate the electrification of flight, putting its technical service expertise to work for a global series of electric flying car races created by the world’s only manufacturer of takeoff and takeoff high-performance electric vertical landing gear (eVTOL).

The partnership, announced on Wednesday, will see Telstra Purple deliver the near real-time virtual race control system required for high-speed, close-range multi-vehicle circuit racing in the Airspeeder EXA series.

The Airspeeder EXA series, which has been described as the Grand Prix of flying car racing, is expected to host its first series of unmanned races later this year, following the success of Alauda Aeronautics’ first “historic” eVTOL flights. near Adelaide in June.

As The Driven reported at the time of these test flights in South Australia, the first Airspeeder races will see an airborne grid of what are essentially giant drones controlled by “the best” unmanned aircraft pilots in the world. whole.

Using cutting-edge technology, pilots will attempt to perform hairpin turns along digitally mapped tracks in the sky at speeds of up to 250 km per hour, while advanced LiDAR sensors will ensure the plane does not collide.

Telstra Purple’s race control system will provide vital technical information to ground crews during test flights and races, allowing the aircraft to run safely in close proximity whether the pilots are on board or not.

For its part in the deal, Tesltra will also offer a “fully immersive 5G-powered spectator experience” to signal the advent of the next generation of sports and entertainment. And while that sounds a bit like a hype, Airspeeder sees this part of the equation as crucial to advancements in electric air mobility.

“In the future of mobility and air mobility and the electrification of flights … there are trillions of dollars planned for [be invested] over the next two decades, ”said Matt Pearson, founder of Airspeeder and Alauda Aeronautics.

“But… there aren’t many kids today with flying car posters on their walls yet, you know, we want something that’s really inspiring for the next generation.

“We believe racing is the way forward to develop the vehicle, develop the audience and enthusiasm around… the future, and develop all of the enabling technologies.

“So yeah, aside from the fact that you’re going a little too fast, a racing environment is actually a pretty harmless environment to prove the technologies; pushing technology to its limits in a controlled manner, so that we don’t have the same kind of regulatory overload.

“It’s not a 15-year regulatory process to, to get to the race… we don’t have to wait for battery technology to evolve because we’re swapping batteries in electric pit stops… And then, obviously, build our racing infrastructure with a light footprint so we can go anywhere.

“So we have a sandbox to… prove the technologies, and then we can – like motorsport has done for 100 years or more… – feed those innovations back into the industry and enable the industry, and at the same time, showing our audience exactly what’s possible and what’s to come.

“So eventually anyone should be able to own and operate their own electric mobility vehicle,” said Pearson.

Christopher Smith, the director of Telstra Purple and, as he revealed in a video presentation on Wednesday, a former aerospace engineer himself, said teclo was excited to be involved in a partnership that had the potential to transforming the future of mobility.

“Just as Formula 1 has been the engine of innovation for the cars we use today, Airspeeder’s vision for the world’s first electric flying car racing series has the potential to transform the way we operate. we move to cities, ”he said.

“The Purple Telstra team, with the expertise of our people, their technical capabilities and Australia’s most advanced 5G network, can play a really key role in helping this team bring their vision to life. “

“It’s a very Australian innovation story,” added Pearson. “It’s one of the only planes that is developed here in Australia, designed, built, tested, proven and flown here in Australia and we take it to the rest of the world.

“It’s amazing to see Telstra supporting, being a part of and innovating with us, this kind of innovation story that most people didn’t think would happen here. We believe this is the perfect place to drive innovation and take a different approach from the rest of the world.

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