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Tata Motors will showcase new electric car SUVs – Everything you need to know

New Delhi: Tata Motors wants to increase its lead in the EV space and after the success of the Nexon EV, it is now readying its next wave of new electric cars.

The automaker has promised 10 electric vehicles in the next 5 years, including cars based on a new electric vehicle platform as well as new dedicated electric cars without petrol or diesel versions.

Some of the upcoming EVs would be electric versions of cars on sale, while future products would be based on a new electric car platform. Since electric cars are different, the EV-friendly platform means they would be spacious and have no compromise in terms of space or battery.

Generally, electric vehicles should have the right packaging, including the heavy battery, and also to generate more space inside. Therefore, these platforms are based on electric vehicles and, unlike the current Nexon or Tigor, they would have larger batteries, more space and functionalities related to electric vehicles.

Tata Motors is rumored to be showcasing a slew of concept cars on the 6th or production-ready versions of its future cars based on its EV strategy. Hence, we should see the new long-range Tata Nexon expected along with the EV version of the Tata Altroz ​​as well.

However, that’s just the start with new products via a sportier EV-based SUV based on the Nexon and yes, then leading up to the production-ready version of the Tata Sierra concept that we saw last Auto Expo. Tata also showcased the Altroz ​​EV at the last Expo, but overall we’ll see more detail and maybe closer production concepts of Tata EVs.

While the production version of the Sierra is a while away from launch, the Altroz ​​EV is coming much earlier with an expected launch this year. The race for electric cars is certainly heating up with Tata Motors firming up its plans, as well as Mahindra, MG, Hyundai and even Maruti stepping up their EV ambitions. Finally, the Indian EV buyer will have more choices.

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