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Rs 34 Lakh Cash, US dollars, luxury cars seized from the premises of the former AIADMK minister


Chennai: The Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Directorate (DVAC) seized a sum of Rs 34 lakhs, US dollars worth Rs 1.80 lakhs, nine luxury cars including a Rolls Royce among others in the premises linked to former AIADMK minister KC Veeramani during a search operation.

DVAC detectives on Thursday conducted search operations in 35 locations, including two premises in Bangalore and six premises in Chennai. It includes his residence, the homes of his relatives and close associates suspected of having been in possession of assets on behalf of Veeramani and the trading companies in which he is associated.

According to a statement from DVAC, during the search procedure, net cash of Rs 34.01 lakhs, US dollars worth 1.80 lakhs, nine luxury cars including Rolls Royce, five hard drives from computer, 4.987 kg of gold jewelry, 47 grams of diamond jewelry, 7.2 kg of silver objects, bank books, property documents were identified and seized.

The statement further indicates that approximately 275 units of sand worth Rs 30 lakhs were found at his home.

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On Wednesday, DVAC filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Veeramani under Articles 13 (2) r / w 12 (1) (e) and 13 (2) r / 2 13 (1) (b) of the Law on the Prevention of Corruption.

According to the FIR, “there is vigilant information that the former minister was involved in various corrupt activities and intentionally enriched himself illegally and acquired property and pecuniary resources in his name which are disproportionate to its known source of income “.

The FIR said, according to its financial statements, that the pecuniary resources and properties acquired by Veeramani on its behalf and the names of its dependents should not have exceeded Rs 1,83,61,100 during the period, but he had acquired assets worth Rs 28.78. 13,758 more, or 654 percent of its total income.


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