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Race cars in Westminster blamed for death of 21-year-old Annika Williams – CBS Denver

WESTMINSTER, Colorado (CBS4) – The young woman who was killed in Westminster when her car was hit by a vehicle engaged in a street race has been identified as Annika Williams. The accident happened Sunday evening in Westminster at 105th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard. Westminster Police say they got a call around 9:15 p.m.

A witness and another officer performed CPR on Williams until help arrived, but the 21-year-old did not survive.

UPDATE: 100,000 cash bonds just for Shimpson Huynh and Adiran Lau in the crash that killed Annika Williams in Westminster

Annika Williams (credit: Williams family)

Police said Williams was heading north on Sheridan Boulevard and was attempting to turn left onto 105th when she was struck by one of two vehicles driving northbound on Sheridan Boulevard.

Shimpson Huynh, 30, was driving the car that hit Williams, police said. Adiran Lau, 21, was driving the second vehicle involved in the street race. Police said the two men remained at the scene, arrested and charged with reckless driving and manslaughter at the wheel.

Police don’t believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash, but say both drivers were driving at excessive speeds.

CBS4 spoke to Williams’ mom who described her daughter as a shining light and always wanted to help others. She worked in the healthcare industry and earned her bachelor’s degree from CNA to pay for her education at the University of Colorado, where she was studying integrative physiology.

Despite efforts by Westminster and Statewide Police Services to reduce incidents of street racing, community members have spoken on social media about the ongoing issues, especially along the Sheridan Boulevard.

Ryan Varner lives about 9 minutes from where Williams was killed and says he can hear cars racing every night.

“The good thing about Colorado is that when the sun goes down you can open your windows and turn off the air conditioning, so it’s good to have the windows open,” Varner said. “In that particular area almost every night, even at 2 or 3 in the morning, you just hear loud cars speeding up and racing, and it’s just, it’s a nuisance to say the least, to have them all. running around our Region So now when you factor in that someone is in fact the victim of manslaughter, I mean it’s gone too far.

(credit: CBS)

Varner also knows the intersection where Williams was killed. He says even during the day with no street runners it’s a dangerous left turn.

“The most important thing is that there is a big hill over there and so when you turn left it’s almost a blind spot, so if you try to give in and make that turn, if someone one exceeds the speed limit is one thing but high speed? I could see exactly how something like this would happen. If people accelerate it’s very difficult to make that turn, ”said Varner.

Varner thinks more patrols are needed against reckless drivers.

“In general, in this area, I just wish there was a strong police presence. Especially late at night from 8pm, 9pm all night long and keep an eye out because like I said this is not a one-off situation. There are races every day in that area, and it’s a safe area, but you don’t find a lot of patrol cars anywhere, ”he said.

In a press release, Westminster said significant efforts had been made to reduce incidents of street racing.

In 2021, the Westminster Police Department partnered with other agencies across the state of Colorado and, through a special task force, worked 3,344 hours to establish more than 1,000 contacts and issue 829 invitations.

Westminster agents also participated in the North Metro Speed ​​Enforcement Group. Between May and August, this group reported the following statistics:

  • 230 Traffic contacts
  • Issued 226 summons
  • 9 arrests
  • Provided 122 warnings
  • Impounded nine vehicles
  • 28 cars escaped officers

In addition, the website was created for the purpose of enabling citizens to report street racing. Through this website, 113 reports were made in the City of Westminster.

Sunday’s accident is still under investigation. Police are asking anyone who witnessed the crash to call 303-658-4360.

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