Luxury cars

These are the most prestigious classic luxury cars that a lot of money can buy

Luxury cars are the crème de la crème of automobiles. These cars lead the way when it comes to offering their occupants the highest levels of comfort, refinement and technology, sometimes associated with sporty performance. However, even though we want these cars in our garages, they often come at a steep price that only the […]

Electric cars

UK gears up to produce rare earth magnets needed for electric cars

Britain could revive domestic production of super strong magnets used in electric vehicles and wind turbines with government support, it has been reported. This would reduce the UK’s dependence on supplies from China and achieve vital reductions in carbon emissions, two sources told Reuters. A UK government-funded feasibility study will be released on Friday, outlining […]

Electric cars

Flying electric cars in drag racing test ahead of events that could herald airborne vehicles

Airspeeder – the first electric flying car racing season – showed off what its new racing series will look like in an opening test race. Made in the deserts of southern Australia, the eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicles are presented face to face, led by Team Bravo and Team Alpha, both from Alauda […]

Racing cars

Aston Martin teases new Valkyrie, inspired by F1 racing cars, ahead of debut

British luxury carmaker Aston Martin is set to remove covers for the next-generation hypercard Valkyrie later today. Ahead of the official debut, the automaker teased the 2022 Valkyrie in action on the racetracks. The hypercar was developed by Aston Martin in collaboration with the Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing. The Valkyrie’s hybrid powertrain consists […]

Racing cars

Airspeeder, first flying racing car demonstration race – Oxford spokesperson

Airspeeder wanted to offer a foretaste of future competitions to be held with its “flying racing cars”. As we have seen in the past, these are specific eVTOLs, that is to say, electric airplanes with vertical take-off and landing, specially developed. by Alauda Aeronautics . This series, which aims to accelerate the development of eVTOL […]

Electric cars

Government insistence Electric cars must win risks of wasting valuable interim technology – Book review

electric car and gasoline car concept. hand holding gasoline pump and power connector for refueling Getty Politicians declaring they know best and naming electric cars alone to lead the race green risk wasting valuable and proven resources provided by battery-bound internal combustion engines (ICEs), and hybrid technology is the way the fastest to reduce global […]

Electric cars

Global rush for electric cars threatens to replace last century’s scramble for fossil fuels – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned that the global rush for electric cars risks replacing the last century’s scramble for fossil fuels with a new global race for lithium found in Africa, endangering geopolitical stability. The president revealed it in a statement on Sunday before flying to the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the […]