Luxury cars

Malaga – Costa del Sol | A nationwide gang that stole luxury cars has been busted due to police suspicions on the Costa del Sol


Nine cars worth more than 300,000 euros were recovered by the national police

A police investigation that began in Malaga ended with the arrest of members of a gang who stole luxury cars and the recovery of nine high-end cars worth more than 300,000 euros.

After stealing the cars, sometimes from car rental companies, the suspects waited a few days and then falsified the car’s details before reselling them to unwitting buyers.

The suspects also falsely reported the vehicle theft to escape criminal responsibility, according to the National Police. Another tactic was to buy damaged cars that were impossible to repair but a useful way of laundering a new identity for a stolen vehicle.

Although the criminal gang is based in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​investigations began when Malaga police learned of the theft of two vehicles in the province. Both were high-end passenger cars that had been rented by the same person.

The criminal gang specializes in theft and false documents. After identifying the suspect who rented the cars in Malaga, police widened their net and identified other gang members in Madrid and Barcelona. They now face a series of criminal charges.

Some luxury cars had been illegally re-registered, others had been given new coats of paint.