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Long-range electric cars cost less


No one complained that gasoline cars went much further than you ever would. As people got used to it, we realized that a long range meant less hassle. With electric cars, the argument is even stronger. Long range saves you money. If we process data from a recent listing from Visual Capitalist, we find that the top ten per range (average 316 miles) have half the cost per mile ($ 206 / mile) of the bottom ten. IDTechEx separately found that long-range electric cars depreciate one-third as much as short-range cars. This is because these long-range cars, with about double the range, cycle their batteries half as often, potentially delaying the day their owners have to buy an incredibly expensive new battery. 80% of longest-range cars are Tesla and this company is now by far the most valuable automaker in the world. What a coincidence.
The new IDTechEx report, “Routes to 1,000 mile (1,600 km) battery electric cars 2021-2041“warns of new Chinese cars doing even better because they use the NEDC test cycle that exaggerates range. However, the race is on and short-range electric cars will follow the path of gasoline-powered cars who could only fight for 200 miles or less.

Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, said, “There is too much emphasis on waiting for solid-state batteries to be widely deployed to dramatically increase runtime without costing a fortune. It may not happen until 2030, but savvy automakers are doing a lot less. -glamorous options meanwhile. Reduced cables through wireless signaling, high voltage, better layout. We even see 10% more range achievable through improved battery management software. Efficiency gains, such as those of wide bandgap semiconductors, multiply in less cooling, space and weight. Too few work on low-power autonomy to increase range. “

He plans a lot of work and no quick fix. He keeps on,

“Wheel motors replace 20 parts, in-mold electronics and multifunctional composites each replace up to 100 parts each time they are introduced, large die-castings and structural batteries replace up to 370 parts. – you can do it all together, increasing the range in both efficiency and weight reduction. Cheaper batteries mean we can now fit larger ones to increase range. It can be environmental when ‘they last longer with fewer charge cycles and have a trickle charge from the new solar body Holistic thermal management using better heat pumps and new thermal insulators and conductors – we expect range gains Our report gives many more options, better practices and the 20-year vision of this existential struggle. “

Examples of kilometers of range depending on temperature C with air conditioning. Source: IDTechEx

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