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Foreign luxury cars record strong sales in Japan amid pandemic

Foreign luxury cars priced over 10 million yen ($ 90,830) in Japan are becoming popular among wealthy people who cannot travel abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic and who are willing to spend money on the back of higher global stock prices.

Domestic sales of luxury vehicles from foreign brands such as Ferrari in Italy and Bentley in Britain hit record highs in June since 1988, when comparable data became available, according to industry data.

The photo provided shows the Bentley Bentayga sport utility vehicle. (Kyodo)

The trend stands in stark contrast to the worsening living conditions for some people, including part-time and non-regular workers, as the spread of the coronavirus has taken a toll on employment in the service and other industries. ‘activity.

Sales of overseas-manufactured luxury passenger cars priced at 10 million yen or more jumped 60.9% to 3,336 units in June from a year earlier, surpassing the level of l ‘previous year every month since the beginning of this year, according to the Japan Association of Auto Importers.

Sales in 2020 were also strong, increasing 0.5% from the previous year to 22,712 units, even as the economy was significantly damaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, Ferrari sales jumped 80.6% from the previous year to 121 units, while Bentley’s sales rose 23.9% to 83 units.

Sales of the German BMW Alpina more than tripled from the previous year, while those of the British Aston Martin more than doubled and those of the British Land Rover soared 90.1%, all registering their sales the highest for June, according to the association.

Industry officials expect these luxury cars to continue to experience strong sales for now, with a European automaker seeing the ratio of new customers increase to over 50%, from around 30% before the pandemic .

Among the cars produced by Bentley, the Bentayga sport utility vehicle, which is priced at 22.69 million yen and underwent a complete overhaul last June, is gaining popularity.

“I expect the car to have the highest sales volume ever for the year as well,” said a company official.

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