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Family affair for the Ryan McLeod Racing Cars team at the 6 Hours of Bathurst | western avocado

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If you’re looking for a textbook case of “the family that runs together, stays together” you need look no further than the Ryan McLeod Racing Cars team at the 6 Hours of Bathurst this week-end. Ryan McLeod will run two entries in this Easter event; Rowell Logistics P/L’s No. 3 Ford Mustang Mach 1 will be driven in A2 by his sons Cameron and Tim, and Racer Industries’ No. 10 Holden Astra VX-R will be driven in Class C by Ryan’s father – Winner of Bathurst in 1987 Peter McLeod – his son Benjamin, and family friend, Brock Giblin. The Astra has plenty of racing pedigree behind it, having been challenged by the McLeod family not only at previous events in Bathurst, but also on enduros overseas, while the Mustang is a new build. “My wife is on the team, my three boys are driving, my dad is there and I’m running it. We’re completely self-sufficient and we do everything – we build the cars, we tune the cars, we transport them, we do a lot , so it’s about as ‘family friendly’ as it gets, I guess,” Ryan McLeod explained. “Dad first raced at Bathurst in 1980 and oddly enough the Astra he will drive this year will be number 10, which is the same number he had when he won the race with Peter Brock in 1987, which is just a fluke that “That’s the number we were given. He will mainly be there to help the boys, to guide them – he is 74 now but he is still quite active. “In the Mustang it’s the next step for the boys who have raced in Formula Ford and stuff, so I thought it was the right thing to do. Racing is exactly what we do . If we’re not working on our cars, we’re working in our business. I think we like everything. I drive my own cars in Formula Ford for the boys, and when we’re We’re not doing that, we’re in the store and selling parts and we’re very into that and we really like doing that, so I guess it’s just what we do, it’s our thing.” Brock Giblin, who has become close to the family over the years, will join the McLeods in their mountain management duties for Ryan McLeod Racing Cars.” 2012 when I returned to Australian production cars, I was in a practice session in Sydney and a dozen cars behind Brock when he had a serious accident and his car rolled over and caught fire; he nearly lost his life,” McLeod explains. “I pulled over and helped him out of the car, and we’ve been in close contact ever since. It slowly worked its way back into production cars and did some Hyundai runs with my son Ben. The deal was always that we would take him back to where he wanted to go all those years ago; so, it’s a big deal for us to have him back.” Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content: