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Electric cars: Reducing plug-in subsidies could ‘hurt the adoption of electric vehicles’ and leave the UK ‘behind’

The British automaker has warned that the move to cut fees could leave the UK “behind other countries” in a race to switch from gasoline and diesel vehicles to electric cars. It comes after the government confirmed that subsidies for electric plug-ins would drop from £ 2,500 to £ 1,500 for cars.

The subsidy has also been reduced to £ 5,000 for large vans and £ 2,500 for small vans.

Instead, Vauxhall thinks the government should consider other “tax incentives” that encourage motorists to change vehicles.

Paul Wilcox, managing director of Vauxhall, said this includes tax cuts on electric cars and supporting those who are financially vulnerable to switch to new vehicles.

He said: ‘Vauxhall recently welcomed the government’s announcement to implement a zero emission vehicle mandate as this would bring clarity to the UK car industry and we want to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK. -United.

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“In our opinion, more work is needed on other tax incentives, such as considering a reduction in VAT for electric vehicles, and also aiming at this support for those who need it financially to switch to the vehicle. electric.”

Vauxhall has fully supported the UK’s switch to electric vehicles with a series of new policies.

They have pledged to only sell new cars and vans by 2028, seven years ahead of UK rules.

Vauxhall has previously said that an electric model of every car in its lineup will be available on the market by 2024.

“This, combined with the growing choice of new vehicles and growing customer demand, means that we are refocusing our subsidies on the most affordable vehicles and reducing subsidy rates to allow more people to benefit from them and enable the economy to operate. taxpayer money to go further.

“We want as many people as possible to be able to switch to electric vehicles, which is why we are also going to introduce new rules to make it easier to find and pay at charging stations.

“This will ensure that drivers have confidence in our charging infrastructure, as we seek to reduce our carbon emissions, create green jobs and move forward across the UK. “

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