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Electric cars dominate Top Gear prices 2021

Seven electric cars won awards at this year’s Top Gear Awards, proving that electric vehicles continue to become more and more dominant. In comparison, only two all-electric vehicles were awarded at the 2020 event.

This year has seen many electric winners in a wide variety of categories. Initially, the Pininfarina Battista was TG’s Hyper GT of the Year. “Ballistically fast and luxuriously ballistic” according to Top Gear, the Battista excels at going really fast and (thanks to its 300 mile range) very far too. Continuing, the BMW i4 won Sedan of the Year. Offering all the benefits of a traditionally powered 4 Series, the i4 adds extra speed and power.

The Renault Mégane E-Tech won the Family Hatch Of The Year award. Offering all the practicality of the traditional Mégane, this new mid-crossover, mid-hatchback version adds electric power and all the latest technologies. Meanwhile, the Mercedes EQS won the luxury car of the year. Quiet, technological and comfortable, what more could you ask for? A more desirable exterior appearance perhaps, but then you wouldn’t get over 400 miles of range, as the EQS’s remarkably low drag coefficient would be affected.

The Family Car of the Year was awarded to the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Practical but also fun, it adds a bit of excitement to the rather mundane crossover segment. Meanwhile, the Concept of the Year has been awarded to the Porsche Mission R. A beacon of hope for motorsport enthusiasts, the Mission R also preview the next-generation 718 Cayman and Boxster electric vehicles. . Finally, Crossover Of The Year was awarded to the sleek and statistically brilliant Kia EV6.

Top Gear noted that they don’t give EVs all of these accolades for fun, but rather because EVs are some of the best-executed vehicles on sale right now. Such recognition is a promising sign as the industry as a whole shifts to BEVs, and it proves that a wide variety of great electric cars are now here.

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