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Electric cars are now three to six times cheaper to drive in the US as gas prices rise

Electric cars are now three to six times cheaper to drive in the United States as gas prices rise and become more volatile.

The fact that electric vehicles are more efficient and less expensive to operate than their gas-powered counterparts is not new information, but it is becoming more and more evident and of more concern to people with the recent increases in the price of gas. .

Gas prices have historically been volatile, but even more so amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine and restrictions on the former country, which happens to be a major oil and gas producer.

In the United States, gasoline prices rose to more than $4.20 per gallon on average, with many regions recording prices above $5 per gallon.

the The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) has released a new paper that calculates how this increase affects the cost of operation compared to electric vehicles.

According to their article, rising gas prices now make electric vehicles three to six times cheaper than gas-powered vehicles depending on the state:

Overall, since March 2022, driving an electric vehicle is considerably cheaper per kilometer than driving a gas-powered vehicle. Nationally, electric vehicles are 3-5 times cheaper to drive per mile than gas-powered vehicles. In Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, some electric vehicles are 5-6 times cheaper to drive.

Unfortunately, the charts in the report don’t really show how much cheaper electric vehicles are than ICE cars, but you have to focus on the numbers:

ZETA compares the Ford F150, Toyota RAV4 and Honda Civic to the F150 Lightning, Rivian R1T and Tesla Model 3.

Above you see a comparison between a full tank of gas and a full battery for these vehicles, but more interestingly, here is a cost per mile comparison:

Joe Britton, ZETA’s Executive Director, commented on the report:

This month’s consumer price index once again shows gasoline prices rising, which was exacerbated by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. American families are losing money at the pump to increasingly unpredictable and unaffordable merchandise in an already costly pandemic year. Our analysis shows that American consumers don’t have to choose between driving their car or saving money. Electric vehicles are now affordable.

The difference in cost per mile is also greater in certain areas of the United States, such as California:

Here is the full ZETA report with cost comparison in 16 other states:

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