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Drive Your Dreams Brings Custom Luxury Cars to TCF Center on Saturday

DJ Envy’s Drive Your Dreams auto show will cross Detroit this weekend to showcase custom and luxury rides, including celebrity-owned vehicles. It takes place on Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Hall A of the TCF Center.

Sloppy Chops and Active Mindz are teaming up with DJ Envy for the release. Around 200 cars will be on display at this family-friendly event, which is expected to attract 10,000 attendees in just a few hours.

DJ Envy, real name RaeShaun Casey, co-hosts nationally-broadcast radio talk show “The Breakfast Club,” which airs in nearly 100 markets nationwide, including on WJLB- Detroit FM (97.9). The show was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2020 by the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

Vehicles are on display as people continue to set up for DJ Envy's Drive Your Dreams car show at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit on October 29, 2021.

DJ Envy’s love for cars has been a recurring theme throughout his career; he has been organizing these events across the country for four years.

“We did two years, then the third was cut short for COVID-19,” he said, “but we’re back!”

“I created this auto show just for every member of your family to have fun as a family. If you have a daughter who loves cars, a son, a wife, a husband. But also, if one of those people in your family doesn’t like cars, there is something else for them. I started with a little show with a few of my friends, and it grew from there.

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“Detroit is a market that I go to frequently,” he continued. “I do a lot of gigs in Detroit, whether it’s DJing or whatever. And, of course, ‘The Breakfast Club’ is unionized in Detroit. I’m trying to bring auto shows to markets where I’m already successful, so we started in the New York / New Jersey area, then we went to Atlanta, we went to Atlantic City, Philly. … Now we’re in Detroit, and next month it’s a vacation show in Miami.

Kalamazoo's Aaron Yarbrough sets up his orange 1975 Miami Chevrolet Caprice on 30-inch rims while getting ready for DJ Envy's Drive Your Dreams car show at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit on October 29, 2021.

“The feedback has been great,” he said, “because it’s not just about my cars and exotic cars. It’s about the cars you have, the cars you plug in. As a kid my first car was a 1986 Honda Accord. And it wasn’t anything special to the world – but it was special to me. I put 16 inch rims in it. I put a sound system there. And these are some of the types of cars that we will be exhibiting at the show. So, you know, we’ll have a million dollar Bugatti and Porsches and things like that, but there will also be your Toyota Tercel, your Honda – cars that people just bought and plugged in because they loved them. So it’s a bit of everything.

DJ Envy’s five personal cars in the collection on display at the TCF Center on Saturday include a Ferrari SF90 and F8, an acid green Porsche 918, a Ford GT and older cars including a 1988 Chevrolet P30 and 1988 and 1991 BMWs.

“Normally I’ll bring more older cars,” he said, “but Detroit is a huge market for a lot of these older cars, so I didn’t have to bring them with me! is the Motor City, baby!

White Boy Rick poses for a video for DJ Big Rob near the White Boy Rick vehicles on display as people prepare for DJ Envy's Drive Your Dreams car show at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit on October 29, 2021.

Cars owned by other celebrities are also featured in the exhibit, including cars courtesy of 50 Cent, Fabolous, Icewear Vezzo, 42 Dugg and Detroit’s Da Royce 5’9 “and White Boy Rick.

“I’m part of Detroit and love cars,” White Boy Rick said Friday afternoon during the setup at the TCF Center. “This is the first time this show has been done here, and I wanted to come and perform.”

He will be on hand at Saturday’s event to welcome participants.

“This Ford GT, which DJ Envy owns, is it,” said Rick. “He’s one of the lucky few in the world to own this car, if you don’t know anything about it. Movie stars and other people were turned down when they tried to get this car, so for me it’s the most special. It’s made in Detroit, and probably the rarest car here, and DJ Envy was chosen to be one of the owners of this car.

“Envy really made it a classy family thing,” Rick told The Free Press. “We have a trunk or a treat, and the children should go out in disguise. There are bouncy houses for the kids too, and we sent the Detroit Fire Department with a fire truck for the kids to see in action and take pictures with. It’s all about positivity. Everyone is here for the right reason.

White Boy Rick shows a photo of one of his cars to DJ Thoro from New York City as Thoro and other members of the BBS Boys set up their vehicles for DJ Envy's Drive Your Dreams car show at the downtown TCF Center. city ​​of Detroit on October 29, 2021.

White Boy Rick, whose first name is Richard Wershe Jr., is also currently working with the Detroit-based Team Wellness Center, advocating for youth disability issues to advance advocacy rights to youth social justice reform. .

“At this point it’s about doing whatever we can do for this community and the children,” he said.

Oz Sheikh, one of the organizers of Drive Your Dreams, said, “We are working with different companies and organizations here in Detroit to make it great for families and to keep kids from going off the streets with something fun. and of course. “

DJ Envy agreed.

“We come to different markets,” he said, “and we invite people to come out, including kids who can’t afford it, and we make sure those kids get tickets because it’s happening. is about having fun with the family. We invite the crowd that no one usually cares about. We go to the schools, and we’ll hear that this school needs 30, 40, 50 tickets, this school needs 200 tickets, and we’re getting there. I make sure we reach out to the locals to give back and make sure we see the people who really live in the city.

David Calmese of Detroit, owner of Consider It Fixed, cleans the rims of his 1978 Chevrolet Malibu LSX twin-turbo 427 which he named Charlie Brown while prepping for DJ Envy's Drive Your Dreams Car Show at the downtown TCF Center - City of Detroit on October 29, 2021.

“When I was a kid,” Envy said, “I only saw NASCAR on TV, but we have a NASCAR tour here. And the New York racing team will have a pit crew that will show the kids how to change tires in 30 seconds We also have a monster truck, and I was a huge fan of monster trucks as a kid, so having it on the show is always fun for me.

“It’s Halloween weekend,” he said, “so we encourage everyone to come in disguise. There will be celebrity cars, exotic cars, old school cars. There are rides; we’ll be giving away candy all day. NASCAR will be doing a demo. Kids can get up close with the fire truck. We took the whole town out so people could just have a good time. . “

Drive Your Dreams Auto Show

12 pm-5pm Sat

General admission tickets start at $ 29.99

Tickets can be purchased on

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