Luxury cars

Deputy Commander with BSF docked for “fraud”, six luxury cars recovered

A deputy commander of the Border Security Force is in the dock for allegedly orchestrating a Rs 140 crore scam in Gurgaon. A Special Investigations Team (SIT) has discovered that the main defendant, Praveen Yadav, allegedly posed as an IPS officer on deputation at the National Security Guard campus in Manesar and defrauded contractors under the guise of award tenders for construction work on campus.

Police recovered Rs 13.81 crore in cash and six luxury cars (Harrier, Range Rover, Jeep, BMW, Safari and Volvo) from his possession. Earlier this week, police raided the residence of a relative of Yadav and recovered gold worth over Rs 1 crore. The relative is on the run.

Yadav was arrested on January 13, along with his wife, Mamta Yadav, his sister Ritu Raj Yadav and an associate, Dinesh Kumar. Police said they received five complaints from five construction company owners, to whom he allegedly gave false letters of intent and tender contracts and made them deposit money into a bank account private on behalf of “Office of GC (Garrison) Station Headquarters, NSG Manesar” as deposit for tender award.

Gurgaon Police Spokesperson Subhash Boken said the investigation revealed that Yadav was assigned as a deputy to the NSG campus in 2021 and was involved in construction work, he was in contact with several contractors and familiar with the tendering process. “He had suffered a loss of Rs 50 lakh in the stock market and decided to recoup his losses by resorting to fraud. He told the contractors that he would offer them lucrative contracts to build roads, fences, install utility poles, solar panels on the NSG campus. He drove fancy cars to impress people and build relationships with them,” Boken said.

Police said his sister and brother-in-law lived on the NSG campus and with the help of his sister, who worked at a private bank, Yadav allegedly managed to open a fraudulent bank account and get himself transferred. money. He had also opened a business and named himself and his wife and sister directors, police said.

A police officer said: ‘As he was previously assigned to the NSG, he could use his ID card to enter campus. Telling the contractors he was an IPS officer, he gave fake work award letters, payment orders and work permits with NSG letterheads. He had requested voluntary retirement from the BSF and planned to flee.