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Bhopal: Four minors vandalize luxury cars and a bus in upmarket Shyamla Hills and Koh-e-Fiza | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: Four minors have been arrested in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh for vandalizing several luxury cars and a bus and sharing videos of the incident on social media.
The boys, aged 14 to 17, gathered for a night out on Saturday at the home of one of them near Moti Masjid in Bhopal. They went out for a joy ride early the next morning on Sunday in their friend’s SUV. A pack of stray dogs chased their SUV in the Shyamla Hills area where one of them threw a rock at the dogs which hit a car and shattered its window panel glass. The miners liked it. They returned to their friend’s house near Moti Masjid to leave the SUV and take their scooters. Driving two scooters, they then threw rocks at eight luxury cars and SUVs parked in uptown Shyamla Hills and Koh-e-Fiza. The miners also vandalized a luxury bus window with a rock. They specifically targeted high-end vehicles.
The miners recorded the incident on their smartphones. When the victim car and SUV owners showed up at the Shyamla Hills and Koh-e-Fiza police station to file a complaint, the cops simply recorded three ‘unrecognizable reports’ (NCR) at the police station from Shyamla Hills and two NCRs at Koh-e-Fiza Police Station instead of FIRs. The cops didn’t even report the matter to senior police officers.
Videos recorded by the accused minors on their smartphones went viral on social media platforms on Tuesday after they shared them with their friends. Upon learning of the videos, senior police officers sprang into action. The miners were identified using viral videos and detained by Shyamla Hills police. Being minors, they were sent for consultation.
DCP (Area-3) Riyaz Iqbal immediately suspended SHO Shyamla Hills Police Station LD Mishra and Koh-e-Fiza SI Police Station Duty Officer VK Pandey and they were tied to police lines. Two separate FIRs were registered at Shyamla Hills and Koh-e-Fiza police station in the relevant sections. Senior officers said the miners were illegally driving scooters flouting traffic rules for which their vehicles were seized.
Two minors are 14 years old and both are pupils of class 8. One is 16 years old and he is a pupil of class 9 while the eldest is 17 years old and is a pupil of class 10. Two are brothers, l one is their cousin and the fourth is their mutual friend.
One of the underage defendants, present at Shyamla Hills Police Station, speaking to TOI said they had decided to have a party on Saturday night at his house. Early Sunday morning around 4:45 a.m., they decided to go for a ride. He took his SUV and all went to the Shyamla Hills area near Ansal Apartments where a pack of street dogs chased their SUV. They threw rocks at the dog, which crashed into a car and broke its window. He said they all liked it. As their SUV was running low on fuel, they left him at his house near Moti Masjid and they all drove off on their two scooters. They smashed window panels and windshields of cars and SUVs parked at Professor Colony and then drove to VIP Road.
The miner said via VIP Road they drove to Housing Board Colony in the Koh-e-Fiza area where they smashed the windshields of parked SUVs and a luxury bus. The miner said he couldn’t remember how many vehicles they had vandalized, but there could have been 8-9 cars and SUVs and a bus. He said a friend of his recorded the incident on his smartphone. All of the miners said they just vandalized the vehicles for fun. Sitting at the police station after being arrested, they regretted the incident.
Shyamla Hills Police registered three NCRs in the case on Sunday. The first case was recorded on a complaint filed by Jitendra Baghel, a resident of Anchal Apartment in Professor Colony. He said in his complaint that the unidentified defendant vandalized his older brother Dilip Singh Baghel’s premium sports SUV parked outside his house. The accused vandalized the front and rear windshields of the SUV.
In the second complaint lodged at Shyamla Hills police station, Lakherapura resident Naman Garg, who runs a medical equipment business, told police that he parked his car in front of his uncle Amit Agrawal’s house located at Sudarshan Apartment in Shyamla Hills on Saturday. night. The next morning, he notices that the rear windshield of his car is broken.
In the third case recorded at Shyamla Hills Police Station, complainant Om Prakash Paliya, 36, a resident of Square Apartment in Professor Colony, told police that an unidentified defendant vandalized his car parked outside his house .
Meanwhile, Koh-e-Fiza police registered two NCRs in the case on Sunday. In the first case, Dr. Ramkumar Dhakad, 35, a resident of Shalimar Lake View Apartment in Koh-e-Fiza, is assigned to Gandhi Medical College. He told police he parked his SUV outside his apartment on Saturday. The next morning around 11 a.m., he notices that the rear window of his SUV is broken.
In the second NCR, Complainant Mazhar Qureshi, 45, a resident of Koh-e-Fiza housing council settlement, told TOI that he lived in Mumbai and had come to visit his parents. He parked his premium SUV outside his house Saturday midnight and fell asleep. The next morning around 8 a.m., he noticed that the rear window of his SUV was broken. He checked footage from CCTV cameras set up outside his house and spotted the two underage boys being transported by scooter committing the incident.
Meanwhile, the boys vandalized another high-end SUV belonging to car broker Mujahid Ali, a resident of Koh-e-Fiza. Mujahid told TOI that his SUV was parked outside the KK Convent School in front of his house. He discovered on Sunday that the windshield of his SUV was shattered and rocks were lying on the seats.
DCP (Zone-3) Riyaz Iqbal said it was serious business. According to the viral video, the four underage boys being transported by scooter vandalized 7-8 vehicles and a bus and recorded videos on their smartphones. SHO Shyamla Hills and Koh-e-Fiza SI Daytime Officer VK Pandey were suspended for not taking the matter seriously and not informing senior officers of the incidents.