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Beyond Leather – Here Are 6 Luxury Cars With Vegan And Sustainable Interiors

In recent years, sustainability has become a growing trend in the automotive industry. While not everyone in manufacturing has yet transitioned to a greener operation, many notable luxury car brands are becoming pioneers of sustainable change. These premium automakers are making more conservative vehicle production choices and opting for environmentally friendly car interior solutions. Here are six luxury cars that offer sustainable or vegan interiors.

1. Tesla Model 3
Tesla has been offering fabric interiors as an alternative to leather since 2016. The company is also known for working closely with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on synthetic leather manufacturing. Tesla Model 3 is one of the company’s premium cars that is 100% vegan, as the interior of the vehicle is made entirely of synthetic materials, including the steering wheel. Whichever version of the vehicle you choose, there is no possibility to include animal derivatives as an add-on. Tesla’s durable interiors are stain resistant, rugged and extremely comfortable.

2. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
With the release of the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover ethical consumer enthusiasts now have the opportunity to enhance their car’s interior with non-leather vegan alternatives. The prestigious automotive firm offers a range of premium seat upholstery options made from durable materials such as wool-polyester blend and Eucalyptus Melange. Eucalyptus Melange is a plant-based hybrid product made of 70% polyester and 30% tensile fiber.

On the other hand, the wool blend product is a combination of synthetic suede and wool, produced from 53% recycled plastic bottles. This sustainable, leather-free alternative was developed by Land Rover in conjunction with European textile leader Kvadrat. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque would be made up of up to 33 kg of recyclable and natural materials. This premium SUV can be a great option for family and morally responsible consumers as it can comfortably accommodate up to two people. top quality car seats.

3.BMW i3
The BMW Group is highly regarded for its commitment to sustainability, which is evident not only in the materials it uses, but also in its manufacturing and development processes. One of the most eco-friendly BMW cars you can buy from this all-sustainable company is the BMW i3. This electric car is 95% recyclable and is made primarily from carbon fiber. Once the BMW i3 reaches the end of its life, it will have no adverse effect on the environment since most parts of its vehicle will not be landfilled. Some vegan materials used in this innovative vehicle include 40% pure new wool, 100% olive leaf tanned leather, 90% eucalyptus wood and 30% kenaf.

4. Mini Cooper hatch
The Mini Hatch is another vegan luxury car available in the automotive market. This small but charming vehicle used 70% recycled materials for its seat cushions and 100% for its fabric seats. The Mini Hatch’s handbrake and gear lever are made of leatherette. Apart from the Mini Hatch, the prestigious British company has also announced that its next-generation Mini models will no longer offer leather interiors.

5.Porsche Taycan
The German automaker strives to manufacture luxury products with sustainability in mind. The Porsche Taycan is the first fully electric Porsche sports car that offers a vegan leather interior option. Consumers can choose between two interior choices: vegan microfiber version or tanned club leather. The vegan option is made using ‘Race-Tex”, a high-quality material made partly from recycled polyester fibres. According to Porsche, this cruelty-free leather produces 80% less CO2 than its animal-based counterpart. In addition, the floor mats and carpeting of the Porsche Taycan are made of Econyl, a recycled fiber material developed from recycled fishing nets. Car consumers who aren’t quite ready for leather-free interiors can opt for durable olive leaf-tanned leather.

6. Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Mercedes-Benz is another luxury car brand that is fighting for lasting change. Although the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is not yet fully electric, this luxury vehicle features vegan-friendly car interiors. Consumers can choose to have seats in “Artico leather”, a vinyl-based leather material that is relatively less expensive than its traditional equivalents. However, it is essential to note that replacing the gear lever and steering wheel with Artico leather is still not an option.

For luxury automakers, pushing for sustainable interiors means better market opportunities, less production waste, eco-friendly workflow principles, increased brand value, cleaner practices, reduced production costs and greener operations. Not only can they enjoy designing premium vehicle interiors with a clearer conscience, but they can also cater to a wider range of consumers from all levels of the social spectrum.