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Airspeeder, first flying racing car demonstration race – Oxford spokesperson

Airspeeder wanted to offer a foretaste of future competitions to be held with its “flying racing cars”. As we have seen in the past, these are specific eVTOLs, that is to say, electric airplanes with vertical take-off and landing, specially developed. by Alauda Aeronautics . This series, which aims to accelerate the development of eVTOL technology, has already been renamed “F1 of the heavens”.

The series’ organizers shared a video of a first demonstration race which made it possible to show the potential of the aircraft. It was a drag race that took place in South Australia and saw two teams from Alauda as protagonists: Team Bravo and Team Alpha. It should be noted that the eVTOLs already used, Alauda Mk3 , are remotely controlled. These same planes will be used in the EXA series in which 4 teams will compete in 3 international races. The teams are expected to be presented in January.

The EXA series will be a very important test bed for the next stage of Airspeeder. Indeed, the goal is to switch to races with planes characterized by the presence of a pilot on board. The championship is expected to start in 2023 if there is no setback. Back to the demonstration, the drag race took place over a distance of 300 meters , at an altitude of 15 meters. The winner was the Bravo team, which preceded the Alpha team by a few seconds.

Other than that, it was much more interesting to see these specials in action eVTOL for competitions. In the video it is clearly seen that they have reached the top speed 155 km / h . The test also allowed Alauda Aeronautics to showcase its Virtual Forcefield guidance system which uses technologies such as radar and LiDAR. A system which should guarantee the safety of the aircraft during real races.

The premises seem very interesting. The potential of the aircraft and its technology has been demonstrated. Of course, the real races will probably be very different from this simple drag race but it seems that the competitions between eVTOL may become a reality in the future .

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