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Abu Dhabi driver tries to steal luxury cars from boss – News

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Abu Dhabi – Driver registered his employer’s McLaren and Range Rover in his name

Posted: Sun, 24 Oct 2021, 11:17

A private driver from Abu Dhabi attempted to steal two luxury cars worth MAD 1.9 million from his boss after he was tasked with registering the cars with the traffic and licensing department in her name.

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The Arab man had had the confidence of his boss to register the two cars, including a McLaren and a Range Rover in his name, because the owner could not register them at the time because the licenses of two other luxury vehicles registered in his name had expired.

Official court documents said the businessman filed a lawsuit in Abu Dhabi Magistrates’ Court against his driver, in which he demanded he prove ownership of a 2018 McLaren car model, which the purchase price is 1.4 million Dh, and a Range Rover, whose purchase price is 568,000 Dh.

He also asked the court to cancel the registration of the two vehicles in the names of the defendant and to be registered in his name because the vehicles belonged to him.

The plaintiff explained in his lawsuit that he is a businessman who enjoys owning luxury cars. He said he bought both cars as he was about to travel outside the United Arab Emirates.

The businessman said that upon returning from abroad, he renewed the registration permits for the old cars. He then asked the driver to have the ownership and registration permits of his cars transferred to his name. But the defendant refused without giving a justified reason.

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The driver had submitted a memorandum claiming that he owned the cars, but the court dismissed the claims because he did not provide evidence to show that he had purchased the cars.

A report by a court-commissioned automotive engineering expert showed that the two vehicles in question had been purchased by the plaintiff and had paid for them in full.

According to the report, in June 2019, the businessman told the defendant who had registered the cars in his name. The report added that the defendant had transferred the registration permit of one of the vehicles to another person, while the second vehicle was still in his name but in the possession of the plaintiff.

After hearing all parties, the court ordered that the ownership and registration of both vehicles be canceled and registered in the name of the plaintiff. The court also ordered the driver to pay the legal costs of the complaint.

The judge said in his ruling that the vehicle registration and registration system at the relevant traffic department did not necessarily prove ownership, but was rather a condition for being allowed to travel on public roads and identifying the person or company responsible if a car commits a traffic violation.

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