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5 Best Japanese Luxury Cars (5 German Luxury Cars We’d Rather Own)

In a market flooded with luxury cars, who would get your vote? Japanese high-tech automotive design or German refinement? Both choices are money well spent.

For one, lower purchase prices and better levels of standard equipment make Japan’s offerings hard to ignore, provided you can live with the lower levels of perceived prestige. Despite Japan’s best efforts, no amount of engineering, technology, or bargain luxury can make up for a lack of high-end appeal. After all, when was the last time you saw a major celebrity trade in a Mercedes or a BMW for a Honda?

As good as Japanese cars are, if you want the last word in luxury, you better stick with the Germans, no one does it better.

Toyota Century

Toyota Century - Front Quarter

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Outside of Japan, few people have heard of the Toyota Century, a luxury sedan comparable to the best European offerings, the vehicle of choice for dignitaries and VIPs. By far the least common JDM car of all time.

Toyota Century - Side view

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Currently in its third generation, the Century is a shameless but understated premium limousine designed to pamper its occupants in stylish wood and leather luxury with all the gadgets frequent travelers could possibly need. It’s not just an unlicensed luxury barge, under the hood Toyota’s 5-liter V8 hybrid develops a combined output of 425 horsepower in near silence.

Infiniti QX60

Infinti QX60 - Front Quarter

Via Infiniti News

Automakers are teeming with premium SUVs right now, even supercar makers are jumping into the act, blurring the lines between luxury and performance. Better to opt for a reputable brand for luxury vehicles, Infiniti is one of the few Japanese manufacturers to lead the fight against European brands and to win.

Infiniti QX60 - Rear Custode

Via Infiniti News

The all-new GX60 strengthens Infinitis’s SUV lineup, a mid-size luxury SUV that emphasizes style rather than offering the most room for your money. Interiors now match the brand’s larger QX80 in terms of luxury trim, with quilted leather adorning both the seats and dashboard trims. Initially, four trim levels are planned with a 295 hp 3.5-liter V6 across the range.

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Acura TLX Type-S

Acura TLX Type-S - Front

Via Acura news

On the border between luxury sedans and sports sedans, Acura’s flagship TLX Type-S is to Honda what the S4 is to Audi. Both offer refined luxury with enough power underfoot to entertain serious gearboxes.

Acura TLX Type-S - Rear

Via Acura news

Equipped with Honda’s 3.0-liter V6 twin-scroll turbocharged engine delivering 355 hp to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission, produces a believable dash to sixty in under five seconds. However, remember Acura is pushing the TLC as a compact executive car, luxury hasn’t been put aside, its cockpit is a sleek mix of high-tech gadgets and great leather trim.

Infiniti Q50 Sport Red

Q50 Red Sport - Front quarter

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We’re not entirely convinced by the whole separation of Nissan / Infiniti models, one aimed at mainstream and often sportier cars while the other is destined to take on German luxury barges head-on. However, mixing the two feels like the best of both worlds, leather trim and carbon fiber accents on the interior, and 400bhp under the hood.

Q50 Red Sport - Rear Quarter

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Rumor has it that it has the same engine as Nissan’s long-awaited Z car, itself a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 connected to the rear axle only, the Q50 is then a true front-rear-wheel drive sports sedan. in a market where all-wheel drive is the norm. . This is where the luxury priorities have taken over, sprinting to sixty in 4.5 seconds is fine, but the Infiniti is not as engaging as a BMW or an Audi.

Lexus LS5500F

Lexus LS500F - Front Quarter

Via the Lexus press room

Toyota’s premium division, Lexus, made a huge impact with the LS400 in 1989, the first time a Japanese automaker had faced and defeated Mercedes in the high-end luxury sector. Fast forward 30 years and Lexus still leads the way when it comes to value for money, offering more standard equipment than any of its German rivals.

Lexus LS500F - Rear Custode

Via the Lexus press room

The LS or luxury sedan leads the charge against BMW and Mercedes, although the big, imposing models of yesteryear are no longer there, in their place, offerings inspired by a sleek sports coupe. Inside, it’s an unusual blend of premium leather-trimmed luxury and spaceship-corporate computer-controlled minimalism. Under the skin, Lexus offers a range of powertrains, with the higher-performing LS500H using a V6 hybrid powertrain producing 354 hp.

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BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series - Front Quarter

Via NetCarShow

Big BMWs are the vehicle of choice for business executives who prefer to drive rather than drive, with the 7 Series striking the perfect balance between pure luxury and performance.

BMW 7 Series - Rear Custode

Via NetCarShow

Released in the sixth generation format in 2015, the current G11 / G12 range is the first model to use BMW’s advanced OKL platform taken from the “i-series” range, with carbon fiber adding greater rigidity to less weight. Despite the often cold, clinical feel of BMWs, the 7 Series is nothing less than a leather-clad man cave packed with all the luxury trims you’d expect from BMW’s premium lineup.

Audi A8

Audi A8 - Front Quarter

Via the Audi Media Center

Ingolstadt’s answer, the Audi A8 is just as accomplished as the BMW in terms of refinement and performance, outperforming the 7 Series with a more modern appearance inside and out.

Audi A8 - Rear Quarter

Via the Audi Media Center

Audi’s approach to driver engagement places more emphasis on technology, with touchscreens for navigation and infotainment, with LCD technology replacing traditional instruments in a modern and precise way. We would take the A8 over any of its Japanese rivals simply because Audi manages to make luxury and high-tech seamless integration rather than mere gimmicks for the fun of it.

Mercedes Maybach GLS

Maybach GLS - Forequarter

Via Gables Sports Cars

One for rear passengers rather than drivers, how could you experience the kind of luxury you expect when traveling first class at 35,000 feet. Sure, the regular Mercedes GLS is a nice place to go, but opting for the Maybach package turns the Mercedes GLS SUV into an exclusive luxury limousine with the added benefit of a higher ride height.

Maybach GLS - Rear Quarter

Via Gables Sports Cars

Ditching the third row seats for more space, rear occupants are treated to a pair of luxury leather-wrapped recliners trimmed in nappa leather and real wood. On the rare occasion your driver is off for the day, owner-drivers can still have fun, Mercedes-Maybach delivering a silky smooth 550bhp 4-liter turbocharged V8, good for sixty in just 4 seconds.

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Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S-Class - Front Quarter

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Mercedes S-Class for many years the benchmark of luxury sedans to which all others have been compared, Lexus in 1989 with the LS400 forcing Mercedes to raise the bar even higher with even better technology.

Mercedes S-Class - Rear Custode

Via NetCarShow

While there are top-of-the-line models, including the Maybch, we believe the S580 is suitable for any gearbox that demands the best performance and luxury. Starting with the numbers, under the hood, one of the best Mercedes engines ever made, a 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 EQ supercharger unit delivers 496 horsepower delivering sixty in four seconds. Inside, the opulence is nothing short of Rolls-Royce standards, quilted leather and chrome prove that the S-Class remains the benchmark for luxury.

Audi RS7 Sportback

Audi RS7 Sporback - Front Quarter

Via Audi Media

Everything that makes Audi’s A8 a winner in terms of balance, performance and luxury is still present with the RS7, simply wrapped up in a prettier, more focused Sportback body.

Audi RS7 Sportback - Rear Quarter

Via Audi Media

Audi in terms of refinement has come a long way in recent years, once the underdog to rivals BMW and Mercedes, finishes, materials and layout are easily on par if not better. However, it’s the performance of the RS7 that will be the most interesting, equipped with a turbocharged 591 horsepower V8 under the hood, the RS7 does not disappoint.

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