Racing cars

How Top Fuel Drag Race Cars Hit 11,000 Horsepower

Like any self-respecting petrolhead, I’m captivated by all things internal combustion. I’ve been to racetracks around the world to see the best riders and riders on two and four wheels, respectively. But few experiences are etched into my brain as deeply as when I heard two 11,000-horsepower Top Fuel dragsters hauling off the start line. […]

Electric cars

California wants more electric cars. But many public chargers don’t work

If electric cars are going to transform California, they need to be easy to charge. There’s a catch: More than a quarter of public charging stations in the Bay Area aren’t working, according to a recent survey. “It’s a mess, and you can’t just drive down the street to find another one,” said Michael Bolcerek, […]

Electric cars

The silence of electric cars presents a new danger for cyclists

Before the rain fell and silenced the lambs, there were moments on the road bike this week that gently tapped into a sixth sense, that slight somewhere else between sight, hearing and smell. If you believe Werner Herzog, the only way to travel for real is on foot. Herzog was in conversation with The New […]

Electric cars

What is instantaneous torque and how does it work in electric cars?

To say that electric vehicles are surprisingly fast is an understatement. Models like the Tesla Model S Plaid can easily accelerate from 0-60 in less than 2 seconds under the right circumstances. This puts them in league with some of the most expensive and powerful supercars. However, the driving force behind the incredibly fast acceleration […]

Electric cars

Students race electric cars at the Kehoe Grand Prix

SHELBY — The Kehoe Center parking lot at North Central State College in Shelby was filled with electric cars circling around Friday afternoon. This was the fourth year of the Kehoe Grand Prix, where high school kids from Richland, Ashland and Crawford counties and College-NOW students race electric cars they built. The College-NOW Engineering Academy […]