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10 electric cars with the worst interiors

With electric cars becoming a symbol of the future of the automotive industry, a large portion of electric car manufacturers are purposely using futuristic and minimalist designs. This kind of design language also transfers to interiors, with the emphasis often more on cutting-edge technological features than on comfort and opulence. The results are electric cars with poor overall appeal, clumsy handling, drivability and poorly organized (at best) compartments to meet our daily needs.

And while they’re glamorous and considered a modern segment, there are some pretty cheap and terrible electric vehicles out there that prove there’s a big difference between being futuristic and looking like trash. So, in this list, we’ll be looking at some of the worst electric car interiors ever released. Keep in mind that this is not a list of the worst electric cars, but rather a compilation of intriguing electric vehicles with remarkably poor interiors and overall appearance, proving that this segment is not consisting only of modern-looking cars with sophisticated features.

ten REVAi

The G-Wiz, as it is mostly known in the UK, was a small micro-electric car produced by Indian manufacturer Reva. After 11 years of building cars, the company has only sold around 4,600 units worldwide.

As you might expect, the specs weren’t that great, to begin with, but the interior was a real aesthetic killer. It looked like something a cartoon character would drive. Not attractive at all!

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9 Th!nk City

Even though it was originally designed several years before production, that didn’t stop the Th!nk City from being another “ordinary” car to hit the market. Its sales are terrible since they barely exceed the 1,000 unit mark.

Despite its fairly good characteristics, there were two things wrong with this car. First, its cheap, plasticky interior, and second, its absurd price. We are talking about more than $38,000!

8 Corbin’s Sparrow

Rolling on only three wheels, the Corbin Sparrow belongs to the category of microcars. The Myers Motors NmG, as it was later called, was retailed from 1999 through the early 2010s and was designed for city driving.

Aside from the entire car looking like an oversized shoe, the interior looked more like a video game seat and steering wheel than a car, even if we’re talking about an electric car.

seven Citicar

One of the very first electric vehicles, the Citicar was produced by Sebring Vanguard from 1974 to 1977 and could be considered the Tesla of the era. However, this particular unit seems to have inspired the Tesla Cybertruck, and that’s no compliment.

Just like the exterior, the interior design was pretty bad. Even though wooden accents were considered elegant at the time, a car looking like this, with this seat color, would be very ugly by today’s standards.

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6 Gurgel Itaipu E150

Much like the Citicar, the E150 was designed in the 1970s, but only a few units were made, making it quite collectible these days. Following the same rectangular shape as the Citicar, the E150 looks very bad.

Here’s the problem with the interior. Even though the color of the seats matched the exterior, the steering wheel and dashboard looked like a cheap kid’s toy.

5 Tesla Cybertruck

We just talked about the straight lines and rectangular design, so you’d expect a company like Tesla to not base their layout on old standards, but you’d be wrong.

And if you think the outside is weird, things don’t get much more normal inside either. It’s not ugly, but it’s just trying too hard to look fresh and minimalist while providing what seems like an inhospitable place for a human. The marble material, although new, already seems outdated.

4 ZENN electric car

Sold in Canada between 2006 and 2010, the Zero Emissions No Noise (ZENN) was a neighborhood electric vehicle that could go no faster than 25 mph and had a range of just 40 miles.

As you can see, the exterior design made it look more like a van than a regular car. Its exterior, however, is even worse.


With just over 1,000 units made, the EV1 was the very first electric car made by a major manufacturer. The exterior design is reminiscent of a UFO, with its straight lines and all.

Once inside, you’ll think you’ve just stepped into an airplane cockpit rather than a car, and the main reason is that overly complicated center console. The hideous steering wheel doesn’t do the car any favors either.

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2 ChangLi EV Mini Pickup

With a top speed of 28 mph and an estimated range of 30 miles, the ChangLi EV mini pickup is a car designed for simple uses such as transporting workers and cargo.

ChangLi is known for its affordable vehicles, but when it comes to cheap interior design, this one takes the cake. Look at how outdated and bad the interior looks. Ouch!

1 2007 Smart ForTwo Electric

We close this list with the first smart electric iteration, which didn’t go to plan. It was supposed to be rented or leased, but the concept just didn’t catch on.

The interior is cramped and outdated, with plastic covering the dashboard and lacking comfort features. Sure, you wouldn’t expect much more from a Smart car, but the ForTwo Electric still earns a spot on this list.