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10 cheap cars whose interiors make them look dumped

Luxury vehicles often have unbelievably high prices. When we think of luxury cars, we often think of cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom that come with exquisite features including champagne coolers, TVs, and even picnic tables. Looking at the interiors of these cars, there are often extremely expensive materials such as burl walnut, polished metals, and premium leather that make the vehicle a special place.

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However, not all cars with luxury features are expensive, and so are cars that may not look particularly expensive but are incredibly refined on the inside. These cars do not attract the highest prices as they often go unnoticed, which means they come at a premium price. This list will explore some of the more refined interiors of cars that don’t come with that unattractive price tag.

Bentley Turbo R ($ 15,000)

Bentley Turbo R

Via Bentley

Originally named the Bentley Mulsanne, the Bentley Turbo R was reconditioned in 1985. The Turbo R featured improved horsepower, adding 30 hp to the existing 300 hp using a turbocharger. The car’s top speed has also been increased from 135 mph to 146 mph, making it a respectable sleeper.

    Bentley Turbo R interior


But despite its yacht-like interior and decent performance, the car is actually available on the cheap. With the interior of the vehicle, the asking price of $ 15,000 for one of these sounds looks like a huge lowball. The interior is very luxurious, with luxurious leather seats, a thick lambswool carpet and a walnut-finished dashboard that reflects Bentley’s class.

Lexus LS400 ($ 10,000)

The front of the LS400

The Lexus LS400 is already an excellent car in terms of refinement and quality capabilities, regardless of its interior and luxury feel. Toyota wanted to make a car better than the best vehicle in the world, and they invested millions in developing the LS400.

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interior lexus ls400


The interior of a Lexus LS400 is incredibly luxurious and reflects how hard Toyota has worked on the vehicle. The interior features the typical wood and leather of a luxury sedan, but what makes the LS400 special is the overall quality. For $ 10,000, potential buyers can get a nice LS400 that definitely looks undervalued for what you buy.

Range Rover Sport L322 ($ 10,000)

Range Rover L322

Via Land Rover

The Range Rover Sport L322 was released in 2002, and it performed like a great off-roader that many loved. It had the expected sporty look and feel, but the car came with the usual refinements that have won over many Range Rover fans.

Land Rover Range Rover L322 Interior

Via Pinterest

The interior of the L322 was also very luxurious, with quite advanced leather, wood and gadgets. The infotainment system was excellent for the time, and the use of the wood was both contemporary and unmistakably luxurious. For $ 10,000, enthusiasts can’t really go wrong if they are looking for a cheap and stylish off-roader.

Lincoln Continental MK VI ($ 9,000)

    1981 Lincoln Continental Mk VI

via YouTube

When looking at the Lincoln Continental MK VI, many don’t consider it as luxurious as the other vehicles in the Continental family. It came with a V8 engine and there were still frequent designer editions in the lineup, including Givenchy.

1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI interior


Still, the interior of the car looks like how refined the Continental MK VI was. The leather seats combined with the wooden dashboard add the luxury the Lincoln brand is known for and the car is very spacious. For $ 10,000, buyers can’t really go wrong if they want to step into the world of cheap ’70s land yachts.

Mercedes S-Class (W140) ($ 10,000)


Released in 1991, the Mercedes W140 was incredibly refined and advanced. For the size of the vehicle, handling was excellent and many were impressed with its handling. It might not have been the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle, but it managed to remain luxurious despite its bulky exterior.

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Interior Mercedes W140

Via Pinterest

Looking at the interior of the vehicle, the car is more attractive, with legendary Mercedes build quality. It also came with double-glazed side glass, adding technological innovations. Nowadays, a Mercedes W140 can be bought for $ 10,000, making it affordable and stylish.

Jaguar S-Type ($ 7,500)

Jaguar S-Type

Via Mecum Auctions

The X200 Jaguar S-Type featured an RWD platform based on the Ford DEW platform. It came with a 4.2-liter, 400-hp V8 engine at the top of the range, which came a few years into the generation. Despite sharing a platform with Ford, the Jaguar felt like a real Jaguar and many loved the car itself.

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Jaguar S-Type interior

Via Carsguide

Looking at the interior, it’s easy to see how comfortable the car was. Coming with the usual Jaguar charm, the S-Type is very luxurious on the inside, with a sleek and cool design. The asking price of $ 7,500 for the car is insanely cheap, and since the car is not yet big in classic car communities, the vehicle remains a shining hidden gem.

Audi S8 ($ 10,000)

Audi S8 D2 parked on the road


The first generation of the Audi S8, released in 1996, was a luxury car that was also a high performance version of the Audi A8. It might sound pretty modest, appearing to be just an executive car, but it had fantastic power thanks to the V8 engine and a top speed of 155mph.

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Audi S8 D2 interior

Via Carsmind

The car is one of the first vehicles to feature an aluminum chassis and an incredibly refined interior. Showcasing a sleek design and a 90s luxury feel with the wood design features, the S8 doesn’t seem to be available for $ 10,000 these days.

Cadillac Fleetwood (2nd generation) ($ 9,000)

Cadillac Fleetwood 1993

Via Wikipedia

The second generation of the 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood arrived with the RWD configuration, moving from the FWD configuration. Coming with the LT1 V8 engine in 1994, the car was powerful and loved by all (Bill Clinton’s presidential limousine was one), but unfortunately the car was discontinued in 1996 and the production plant was used to build cars. SUV.

1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Interior

Via CarGurus

The Cadillac came with much of the luxury that most Cadillacs have inside. Leather seats were a fitting choice and the car had plenty of space – perfect for the ideal Cadillac customer. The asking price of $ 9,000 is awesome for such a beautiful car like this, with the luxurious feel of Cadillac and decent levels of performance as well.

Lincoln Town Car Limo ($ 12,000)

Lincoln Town Car Limousine

Via Inland Boat Center

The third generation of the Lincoln Town Car Limo was released in 1998. It lasted until 2011, and many changed it to a limousine version. Ford allowed third-party groups to turn the car into a limousine, and many have accepted this offer.

    Lincoln Town Car Limousine Interior

Via Pinterest

The interior of the vehicle has different elements depending on the design choice. However, common additions include TVs, music systems, tables, and beverage cabinets. For all that interior for $ 12,000, the car includes a lot for such a small cost.

Jaguar XJS ($ 10,000)


via the classic garage

The Jaguar XJS was the car that was supposed to replace the E-Type. Many aren’t fans of the exterior styling, but the changes reflected the steps Jaguar needed to take to update the brand. He had a massive optional V12 engine who was thirsty and some consider him the best grand tourer ever.

Interior Jaguar XJS

Via Pinterest

The interior was Jaguar’s usual refined look and a very elegant appeal. The heavy use of wood, chrome and leather may seem a bit dated now, but this is unmistakably a Jaguar and will always be classified. Asking $ 10,000 for the longest-running Jaguar is good value.

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