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10 Affordable Luxury Cars We Wouldn’t Spend Our Money On

When you look at luxury cars, their value lies in their balance of performance, refinement and comfort. That’s what we’re willing to pay, but with just about all of these cars depreciating quickly, older luxury models can seem like a lot on paper. Looking a little deeper will give you a better idea of ​​why these cars are losing their value so quickly, with some experiencing reliability issues and others not really offering the luxuries they do. originally claimed.

Other people have found these things the hard way, you don’t need them, so while these luxury cars might seem affordable, we certainly wouldn’t spend our money on any of them.

ten Lexus LS400

Lexus LS400

Arguably one of the most reliable cars money can buy, it’s still not something just anyone should to buy. If you’re looking for a truly luxurious car, the old Lexus isn’t the one.

Lexus LS400 interior

Upon his release, he fought against the Germans, robbing them of sales all over the world. This was mainly due to the fact that they were cheaper, more reliable and offered a lot of comfort. The interiors of these cars will tell the real story though, seats go bad, buttons break and most of the electronics won’t work.

9 Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover County Classic
Via the classic driver

One of the best options if you’re looking for a fun off-road project, not if you’re looking for affordable luxury. They were billed as a luxury off-road vehicle when they were released, at a time before the class existed.

1990 Range Rover Classic restomod interior
Via Legacy Overland

Their Rover V8 engines (which were based on an older Buick design) were hopelessly underpowered and prone to overheating. If you got one with the Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic (a 1982 option), that would literally make it a mechanical disaster waiting to happen.

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8 BMW 520i (E34)

The BMW 5 Series E34 - A sedan model

Usually known for its performance and handling, the overweight 5 Series should never have had it as an engine option.

Interior BMW 5 Series E34

It would serve as an entry-level executive sedan, an oxymoron if there ever was one. Those inline 6 engines were so good in the 3 series that you can see the logic behind the decision, but unfortunately it made this E34 a lazy car.

7 Mercedes-Benz W123


We have nothing against the old Mercedes, just calling it a luxury car today seems a bit wrong. Especially since it has now served as the taxi of choice in almost every developing country.

Mercedes-Benz W123

They were so popular for a good reason, they were built like tanks, capable of absorbing more than a million kilometers with ease. This is also why they are now very affordable cars, but not exactly luxurious by today’s standards.

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6 Bmw 335i

BMW 335 i sports sedan 2011 test drive
by car and driver

As good as the N52 engine was for BMW, the 3.5-liter N54 was an absolute disaster for them. Such was their faith in the biggest inline-6, they went so far as to install this giant crap in their 7-series.

BMW 3 Series 335i 2013
Via: Cargurus

These engines came with just about every conceivable fault associated with the BMW brand, from faulty vanos solenoids to high pressure pump failures; it was a public relations nightmare for them, having to deal with several callbacks.

5 Infiniti Q45

Infiniti Q45 black
By: Infiniti

Much like the Lexus, reliability isn’t an issue at all, unfortunately overall build quality is an issue. It was a very 90s car, so the interior was full of plastic knobs that either broke or didn’t work as they should.


It may be comfortable, but the seats tend to fray and collapse like cheap Nissan cars of the same era.

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4 Maserati Biturbo

Via: Maserati

What was promised was a Maserati for the people, what was delivered was a Maserati the people didn’t want.

Maserati Bi Turbo Interior
Via: Engine1

And no one should really want it, its inferior build quality is visible to all, most cars suffer from corrosion thanks to their inferior rust proofing and the few that survived all had serious mechanical issues.

3 Cadillac Escalade


After being featured in a few music videos in the early 2000s, suddenly it seemed like everyone wanted an Escalade.

cadillac EXT dashboard
Via CarGurus

It’s the ultimate trick, done at a time when GM was on the rocks, they cleverly marketed their aging SUV platform as a luxury SUV (thanks Cadillac). In truth, it was just a Chevy with a few additions.

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2 Lincoln Blackwood

2002 Lincoln Blackwood Pickup
By: Pinterest

In many ways, Ford actually predicted the future here, creating a luxury version of its pickup. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong pickup to use as the base for this project.

The rear of the Lincoln Blackwood, cargo area open

Although the Sport Trac should have served as a good base, they opted for the cheaper F-150 platform instead, and no matter what they added to it, it still looked like an old F-150 on the inside. inside as well as outside.

1 Hyundai Sonata


Korean cars have come a long way in the past decade, so looking back at the old Sonata is almost unfair to them.


At the time, it was their luxury offering. For most of us, it was just an affordable sedan. He’s a pretty decent drummer today, but he certainly doesn’t deserve a “luxury” label.

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